A Career Involving Cars Now That You Have Passed Your Test?

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Passing your test is a very exciting time, and while it can be quite overwhelming, it can often ignite a passion for some when it comes to cars. You may develop an interest in them, perhaps loving the idea of working in the motor industry in some way, but are wondering what might suit your skills? I thought I would share with you some of the careers involving cars that you could consider.

A Career Involving Cars Now That You Have Passed Your Test
A Career Involving Cars Now That You Have Passed Your Test

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Fixing them

Cars are not always on the road and working, and even when they are under warranty, things can go wrong. So there is always going to be a need for mechanics which is why this line of work could be a great option if you have a genuine interest in cars. Learning to fix them, piece them back together and fit new parts can be a great experience. It does involve you learning skills in college and perhaps starting your career as an apprentice in a dealership, but eventually you could work up the ranks to become a master technician and work in the aftersales side of the business.

Selling cars in a dealership

Gone are the days where people think car sales people are dodgy and untrustworthy. Dealerships have done a lot to restore the faith in their customers that now car sales preventatives are there to helps and guide them with their purchase. Having an interest in cars can help you in terms of knowledge and information, and the good news is that you don’t need any specialist degrees or qualifications to get started. Often it is about your personality, who you are, and if you have the confidence to talk to people.

Selling cars yourself

Maybe you like the idea of working for yourself and buying and selling cars could still be an option for you. Buying them for the right price, fixing them or making sure they look the part and selling on for a profit. However, you do need to take care of certain aspects yourself such as a Part Time Trader Insurance policy and where you will store the vehicles. Something a dealership would handle if you worked for somebody else.

Having specific skills in different areas

Maybe you like the idea of specialising in specific areas, perhaps working for the manufacture and learning about production of vehicles, or perhaps specialising in the repair of bodywork, learning about the paint aspects and repairing dents or scratches. There is more to the industry than just selling cars and fixing them, after all.

Teaching people to drive them

Finally, maybe you had an amazing experience learning to drive, and perhaps would like to now teach others to do the same. Working for a motoring school, like ourselves, can be extremely rewarding, and it could certainly give you the job satisfaction that you crave. Watching someone start as a novice and gain confidence and overcome fears is extremely rewarding.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for some of the careers you could consider in the motor industry.



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