Get all the information you need to apply for your licence and also about your first driving lesson Driving Lessons for Learners

Start learning to drive today in Berkshire, Somerset & Wiltshire

Learners Driving Lessons for Learners. Your driving instructor will collect you for your first driving lesson from school, home or work, and will then help you prepare for the theory and driving tests.

driving lessons for learners
driving lessons for learners

Pass your driving test first time with Blue School of Motoring.

Before you start your driving classes, here are few tips to drive:

Never forget to check your mirrors before moving off to a driving test; failure to recognize blind spots can lead to hazards at later stage.

Do not try to look at the gear when you change it; your eyes must be always on the road. Driving Lessons for Learners

Maintain a definite distance between other vehicles and obstructions on the way.

Do not stop at every junction during your driving test unless it is necessary. For example, if you stop at a roundabout when it’s obvious that you’re clear to go, you may pick up marks for hesitancy. However, where the road sign tells you to “Stop”, you must do so.

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    Don’t get too close to stationary vehicles or obstructions. Always keep a look out for pedestrians stepping out onto the road.

    If you have to overtake cyclists during your driving test, give them plenty of clearance (about the width of an average-sized car). Don’t follow them too closely.

    When reversing, keep looking round for road users. Never continue reversing as another road user is passing. Driving Lessons for Learners

    Use your mirrors before you change speed (up or down), change gear, stop or move off and whenever you change direction in your driving test.

    If you think you’re heading for the kerb when reversing round a corner, stay calm. Make all round observations first, then pull forward and correct yourself. This is a much better approach than carrying
    on and hitting the kerb!

    Driving Lessons for Learners

    If another vehicle approaches while you’re performing a turn in the road during your driving test, don’t panic. Make eye contact with the other driver first – if it’s clear that he is waiting for you, continue calmly with your manoeuvre, but check all round first.

    Otherwise wait until he’s driven past you before proceeding. In addition, while you should do your best to complete a turn in the road in three movements, you will not automatically fail your driving test if you take more than three. The important point is to look out for other road users and complete it at a reasonable pace.

    Don’t panic if you make a mistake during your driving test. The examiner will not automatically fail you. Remain calm and move on. The national pass rate for the practical test is 42%.

    It is recommended that prior to taking your test you should have had 40 hours in-car tuition with a qualified driving instructor and then another 25-30 hours practice with friends or family.

    Start learning to drive today!

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    We can offer a flexible training programme to suit your needs. Pass your driving test first time with Blue School of Motoring.

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