Terms And Conditions

Blue instructors will advise Clients when to apply for their theory practical driving tests, taking into account of local waiting times and forecast of clients potential for achieving the driving test pass standard. The Blue Instructor will not cancel or re-arrange a driving test without the Clients agreement. In the event that the Blue Instructors decision to withhold the use of the school car for the driving test, sufficient notice should be given to the Client to avoid loss of the DVSA test fee.

The Blue Instructor should at all times, to the best of his or her ability, endeavour to teach the Client correct driving skills according the DVSA’s recommended syllabus.

The Blue Instructor will provide the following level of service to the Client:

Always honour the full 2 hour time of the lesson
Provide a professional, structured training programme, and to advise the most appropriate training material to use for both the theory and practical tests.
to provide feedback after each lesson.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints by Clients should be made in the first instance to the Blue Instructor or to the Owner of Blue School of Motoring. If a complaint is made a formal complaints procedure will be followed, and an agreement will be met by both parties.

Commercial Practice

If the Blue Instructor or Client needs to cancel or postpone any lessons, they must give the other party at least 48Hrs notice. Failure by the Client to give sufficient notice will result in a late fee being charged, this charge being the full cost of the lesson. The Blue Instructor reserves the right to postpone lessons if he or she feels that the weather or road conditions are unsuitable or dangerous. The Blue Instructor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of him or her having to postpone any lesson for whatever reason.
The price and duration of the lesson will be stated prior to the lesson commencing. Payments are due in full before, or at the beginning of each lesson. Payments can be made by cash on the day of the lesson or in advance by credit or debit card by contacting the office on xxxx. Payments may be made by cheque at the discretion of the Blue Instructor.

If a package of lessons is purchased along with any free giveaways, then this package must be completed( ie all lessons taken), if cancelled or not used by either party before completion then any amount left will be kept by Blue, to the value of the free giveaway items, any amount(funds) left cannot be refunded or used after 30 days from the last lesson or booking date taken. If a refund is to be requested then our offices must be contacted in writing 30 days from the last lesson or booking date, otherwise a refund cannot be given and any lessons left cannot be taken.

The price and structure for the practical test, if the vehicle being used is that of the Blue Instructor, will be discussed prior to the test commencing. If the Client books a test, then the use of the Blue Instructor’s vehicle cannot be guaranteed until an agreement over date, time and location is reached with the Blue Instructor. In the interests of Client and public safety the Blue Instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of a vehicle for a test if in their opinion the Client’s driving is actually or potentially dangerous.

Also the terms under which the test may be cancelled, will be discussed prior to the practical test being taken, between the Blue Instructor and the Client, the following shall apply:

The Blue Instructor will advise the Client when they are ready to take the Practical Test, if the Blue Instructor decides that the Client does not meet the required DSA Standard, and after not being successful in the Clients Mock Test, then the Blue Instructor may suggest either changing the Test date or if time permits taking more practice.
When presenting a client for the practical test the Blue Instructor will ensure that the Client has all the necessary documentation to enable the Client to take the test and that the vehicle is roadworthy.

If the practical test is cancelled by the DVSA or Blue Instructor, the Blue Instructor will not be held responsible for any of the following:

Cancellation due to inclement weather, such as ice, snow high winds, fog etc.
Mechanical failure or other incapacity of the vehicle.
The sickness or ill health of the Blue Instructor

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