Tilly O’Dea of Windsor passed her Driving test in Slough

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What a great result for Tilly O’Dea of Windsor, who passed her test in Slough today on her first attempt and with just 2 driving faults!. The test included a right hand reverse and an emergency stop (I haven’t had a student get one of those in a while!) A great result, well deserved.

All the very best from Andy Shrimpton your driving instructor and all the team at Blue.

Tilly O'Dea of Windsor passed her Driving test in Slough
Tilly O’Dea of Windsor passed her Driving test in Slough

Tilly O’Dea of Windsor passed her Driving test in Slough

Learning to drive in the Slough in Berkshire area is a great opportunity as there so many different types of driving conditions and varying road systems to experience that are covered in the during the driving test and also in the National Driving Standards which has been published by the DVSA. The Slough Borough has a population of about 161,000 and this is growing every day, so the road systems are at peak hours very busy and demanding places to drive. There are so many new companies moving to Slough as part of the Slough Trading estate complex, this brings lots of traffic.

When you enter the Borough from either east or west and head towards the town centre you immediately encounter a sprawling suburban mix of driving conditions from roundabouts, dual carriageways, motorways, heavily built up housing estates, pedestrian crossings, to T-Junctions and crossroads, where you meet a wide variety of road users.

The following suburbs and surrounding towns and suburbs such as Slough, Eton, Slough, Windsor, Wexham, Datchet, and Cippenham are all populated with a variety of drivers not just in their own vehicles but, tradespeople in their vans, trucks, HGV’s, buses, taxis and let’s not forget cyclists, motorbike riders and the ever present pedestrian, trying to get to work or school.

Tilly O’Dea of Windsor passed her Driving test in Slough

All the above require a high level of concentration so you should be able to demonstrate the ability on how to apply a systematic approach to driving, such as Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre Position, Speed, Look (MSM-PSL). This is a core foundation skill that all our clients at Blue School of Motoring are taught on day one on our training courses. MSM-PSL also requires the ability to forward plan and how to balance and combine the demands of safe driving and the principles of eco responsible driving.

Some of the driving course modules that you will need to cover with one of our driving instructors in the Slough area are listed below, as they are usually covered in the driving test:

Driving Tests in the Berkshire area are carried out at Slough DTC.

The driving test is straightforward. It is designed to see if you can drive safely, know the Highway Code and can demonstrate this through your driving. Test routes are designed to be as uniform as possible and include a range of typical road and traffic conditions. You will be given directions in good time and asked to carry out set exercises. The driving test lasts approximately 38 / 40 minutes.

You will be asked to carry out a reversing manoeuvres, they may be one of the following:

  • Reverse park on the right
  • A drive into a bay and the reverse out(Great fun)
  • A Reverse Parallel Park, Next to a Vehicle
  • A Reverse Park into a Parking Bay

You may also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop, plus you will be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes. The test routes include areas such as Slough, Wexham, Datchet, Cippenham.

We have quite a few driving instructors in and around the Slough area that will design a driving course that suits you and covers all of the driving modules that will prepare you for the theory and eventually the driving test. All of our driving instructors are fully qualified DVSADI’s this means that they are Driving & Vehicle Standards Approved Driving Instructors, and that they have been police CRB checked.

The driving courses your Slough Driving Instructor will offer varies depending on your experience, if you are a beginner then the ADI(Approved Driving Instructor) will start from the beginning for you and work on the basics, if you are more experienced then the course will be based on what you already know and perhaps become more advanced. We use coaching methods in our teaching so it will always be a joint decision on how the course is structured for you


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