How to Help Prepare Your Teen for Driving School

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How to Help Prepare Your Teen for Driving School
How to Help Prepare Your Teen for Driving School

Art Markiv

You have put off the inevitable long enough. Your teen keeps tugging on your shirt to let them behind the wheel. Whether you like it or not, they are about to drive on their own.

But, as a parent, you have a responsibility to help be a part of their driving journey. They need to know that you are there to support and to help them, despite how challenging it may be for you to see them growing up.

In addition to having your teen attend driving school, you should be preparing them for the school and then reinforcing what they are learning. Your partnership with them along this process will help to build their confidence, as well as yours.

It might even be worth it to take them to a car dealership to see what buying a car looks like. You can also show them through online dealerships like The experience should take them beyond just getting behind the steering wheel.

Your first task is to be a role model driver. Think about how you want your child to act when driving their own car and make sure you are modelling that kind of behaviour. Set the right example by observing the speed limit, not blasting music or checking your phone, or doing anything that distracts from you from total focus on the road.

Use teachable moments whenever you can. Point out negative things that you are observing other drivers doing and explain some of the decisions that you make while driving. Make them feel completely comfortable in asking you as many driving questions as possible. And, be honest with them if you don’t know the answer. Be sure to seek out that answer when you arrive home that day.

When taking them out on the road, provide them with the safest place possible to practice. They are going to be very nervous right from the beginning, so easing their mind a bit about where they are located is best. It should be up to you, not them, when deciding the right time to travel out on the road. But, regardless, allow them to practice a lot.

The ability for your teen to build up as much experience on the road as they can is only going to help them make the right decisions when being on their own. You can never underestimate what a lot of experience can do for the confidence of your teenage driver.

Take the time to really enjoy these one to one moments that you will be having with your teen. This will be one of those rare teenage moments when they will really be listening to you and respecting what you have to say. They will be putting all of their trust in you to make sure they do what they need to do. Don’t show your frustration while teaching them; be the calming influence they need to feel your confidence.

Once they receive their license, you should continue to monitor them and their progress. Continue to drive with them so that you can see first-hand if all your hard work is paying off. You should also plan on creating a driving agreement with your teen so that they are aware of your rules and expectations from the beginning. Take a look at a sample contract that you could use. The best practice would be to come up with a contract together.

Your kids are your life, so be there for them through this experience. It will be a rewarding experience for both of you because it shows you are in it together. Your kids want to be safe and not make driving mistakes, so they will be happy to lean on you for as much advice as they can get.



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