Safety First: The Best New Car Features

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Safety First: The Best New Car Features

Safety is one of the primary concerns for car manufacturers all over the world. The rapid advance of technology has brought along with it a whole host of features which are making a big difference to the drivers of these modern cars.

Safety First The Best New Car Features
Safety First The Best New Car Features

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As well as giving you peace of mind, cars that are safer also tend to have lower insurance premiums – just check out for some quotes. Here are five of the best safety features in today’s world of automobiles.

Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Braking

These two go hand in hand which is why they have been grouped together. Forward collision warning systems monitor the speed of the vehicle as well as the distance between you and the cars around you. This is often paired with an automatic braking system which automatically applies the brakes for you to help prevent crashes. Newer systems are being designed which help to avoid collisions with pedestrians as well.

Lane Departure Warning and Assist

If you sometimes find yourself drifting over to another lane, this is the safety system for you. When it starts to detect you moving over into another lane, it will give you a visual and audio warning to steer you back into your lane. You can even get ones which send vibrations through your seat cushions and steering wheel. The latest development is a lane assist system which will automatically put you back on course if you start to drift.

Blind Spot Warning

The problem of the blind spot is one that has plagued motorists for eons, but blind spot warning systems are making this worry a thing of the past. A visual and audio warning will let you know if there is something in that spot before you attempt to change lanes.

Rearview Camera

Reversing is another area of driving which leads to numerous accidents and injuries, but a rearview camera provides you with a clear picture of what is behind you so you can back out of your driveway or parking space without worry. More advanced systems even warn you if they detect movement going on behind your vehicle. Beyond the immediate safety concerns, this system can also give you a big helping hand when you are attempting to back up into tight spaces.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety First The Best New Car Features2
Safety First The Best New Car Features2

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Adaptive cruise control is a step ahead of its older cousin. Rather than keeping your at a constant speed the whole time, it uses radar or laser signals to maintain a distance from the car in front that you can set yourself. Certain manufacturers are even building in automatic steering to keep you in lane as well. As you can see, we are moving closer and closer to full auto-driving.

Safety is an area that continues to advance rapidly, and these are just a few of the best features which are making a huge difference to your all-round driving experience. Before you invest in a new car, it is always worth taking a closer look at its safety credentials.




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