How Safe Are Electric Cars?

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The future of motoring is largely electric with this vehicle type playing a major role in conversations around cutting emissions. For many, making the switch away from fossil fuels to battery-powered and hybrid options is central to the day-to-day behavioural changes we can make to improve our environmental footprint. As many governments also back this vehicle type, it seems inevitable that the future will largely be electric.

Even so, there are many questions around electric cars and public safety. Car safety is a multifaceted topic as it encompasses a wide range of issues including the reliability of air bags, battery volatility and overall safety on the road. With road traffic injuries an ongoing global concern and the World Health Organization projecting they will be the world’s fifth leading cause of death by 2030, any conversation about electric cars needs to consider the overall risks for people in vehicles.

Inevitably, any car safety conversations around electric cars also tend to involve making comparisons with conventional motor cars. After all, both car types are still available for sale in the market and electric vehicle technology is still comparatively new. Conversely, conventional car technology has remained the same for around 100 years and people are naturally cautious albeit intrigued in the face of the unknown. Despite this, interest in electric cars is growing with a 2020 US consumer report indicating that 71% of U.S. drivers saying they would consider buying one at some point in the future, with nearly a third indicating interest in one as their next car purchase.

Expanding the conversation beyond the standard green and clean aspect of electric cars is valuable for everyone. Learn more about the technical differences and overall safety of electric vs. conventional cars in the infographic from LA Stretch below. From crumple zones and fire risks through to post-accident precautions and battery types, this graphic explores key questions and safety concerns to provide conclusions around the overall safety of eCars.



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