The First Things You Should Do After Passing Your Test

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You put in a lot of work to pass your driving test. Lessons with your instructor, plus maybe some time practising with friends or family, as well as studying for the theory test take up a lot of your time. The test can be nerve-wracking but when you pass, you’re sure to feel extremely proud of yourself. You’ll be eager to start driving, so what are you going to do first?

Go for a Drive on Your Own

Without a doubt, the first thing most people want to do when they’ve passed their test is go for a drive on their own. It might just be a little trip around the block, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Up until now, there has always been someone in the car with you, so now’s your chance to experience some freedom.

Practise on Motorways

The law will soon change so that learner drivers are allowed to go on motorways from 2018. This is good news, as it means they won’t suddenly be unleashed on them once they’ve got their license. But for now, it’s a good idea to practise driving on motorways after you’ve passed your test, and perhaps take the Pass Plus course.

Get a New Car

You might have learned to drive in a little runaround, or maybe you’ve been using your mum’s car. Now you have your license, treating yourself to a new car could be on the cards. The question is, should you buy a car or is it better to lease one? And should you go new or used?

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