Passed Your Driving Test? What Next?

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Passing your driving test could have been a huge focus for you for the last few months or years if you have taken a slower approach to gaining your certificate. The whole lead up to test day can be a whole mix of excitement and nervesBut once the hard bit is done you can feel a little overwhelmed about what to do next and your motoring future.

Of course, the first emotion you will feel is a sudden urge to get behind the wheel on your own and do something crazy like go to a drive-thru at your local fast food place. But of course, this would only be possible when you have a car of your own or at least access to a vehicle. Which is why we thought it would be wise to share with you what you should be considering after your test. So whether you are still working for that all-important pass, or have got that certificate in your hand, here is what to consider in regards to your motoring life after the driving test has been passed.

Passed Your Driving Test - What Next
Passed Your Driving Test – What Next


Buying your own car

Let’s be honest here, a car is an expensive purchase to make and quite often can be one of the top three biggest purchases you make in your lifetime. But, that being said being mobile gives you a huge advantage and endless opportunities for your future. For example, driving for your job, or getting from one place to another for important meetings in your line of work. It can also provide you with the opportunity to see the country you live in or explore new towns without the hassle of public transport. But what car is best for you at this stage?

The best advice would be to stick with something small and economical, after all, a new driver is always going to have to face a big insurance cost for their first year at least. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in any financial jeopardy. A small hatchback petrol car would be an ideal first one for a new driver. There are many ways you can purchase your new vehicle. Perhaps you have been saving for years, or are lucky enough to have a parent treat you to your first one. You can also finance vehicles for a few years. Of course, this can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t know how good your credit history is, so websites like can offer help and advice. However you do it, buying your first car will be a memory that will stay with you for years to come, so try and enjoy the buying experience.

Passed Your Driving Test - What Next2
Passed Your Driving Test – What Next2


Maintaining your vehicle

It isn’t just about the initial outlay of buying a car that you need to consider. Once you take ownership of a vehicle, there is much more you need to be thinking about. One of the first things is your insurance quotation. Hopefully, you will have done some research on the costs before buying the car to ensure you were buying an economical and budget friendly car. But now you need to set up the policy and make sure you have everything covered. It may be tempting to go for a lower cover, However, sometimes it’s worth paying that little more for a fully comprehensive policy. Just in case. While no one thinks they will get into an accident, that doesn’t mean to say that someone might involve you without any fault of your own. A full insurance policy ensures that you are completely covered for your vehicle, whatever the circumstance for your claim may be. To ensure you are getting the best price and cover for your car websites like could help you compare all kinds of costs and breakdowns from different insurances companies from one search.

Passed Your Driving Test - What Next3
Passed Your Driving Test – What Next3


Buying and insuring the car is one thing, but what about the maintenance costs. There’s paying for the fuel each week, and making sure your car is regularly serviced and MOT’d. Firstly, you may be wondering how you can work out fuel costs, but there are simple calculators online that can do all the hard work for you. Simply enter the miles per gallon from your car, most newer models these days will tell you on the trip computer, and place the number of miles you drive and the cost at your local fuel station. Easy.

Depending on the type of car you have, servicing and MOT costs should be yearly. However, things like brake pads and discs, tyres, wipers and bulbs, may need to be replaced beforehand or during this service. So make sure you account for unexpected costs each year just in case. Many dealerships these days will give you an idea on when those wear and tear items are likely to be needing replaced, giving you a little breathing space to save up for the repair costs.

Passed Your Driving Test - What Next4
Passed Your Driving Test – What Next4

Looking after your car

It’s important having spent a lot of money on your first car that you take care of it as best you can. Consider where you park it first of all. Do you have access to a driveway or a safe place to park it on the street in front of or near your home? Where will you park it during the day while you are studying or working? The last thing anyone wants is parking fines for putting your car in the wrong place or unforeseen scratches and dents from passers-by or other cars for parking too close to pedestrian access or other parked cars.

Passed Your Driving Test - What Next5 Passed Your Driving Test – What Next5


Of course, sometimes your car is going to get the odd dent and scratch here and there from wear and tear. Even driving on the road and catching a stone in the wrong way can cause a dent on your bonnet or windscreen. However, it’s important to try and rectify these minor repairs sooner rather than later. Leaving a scratch or dent on your car can make things worse over time, as the metal work begins to rust or further damage takes place in the same area. Thankfully local garages and paint shops can take care of minor repairs quickly. Even windscreens can be replaced at your home on your driveway.

In some instances, it’s also worth considering having a recovery membership with your vehicle. Often these policies can take care of minor damage for a small excess. But most importantly, if your car was to breakdown, you can use roadside or home start assistance fairly quickly. Meaning your car is never off the road for too long.

I hope this has enlightened you on everything you need to think about when it comes to car ownership once you’ve passed your test.



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