What are the problems associated with the AC of the car?

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What are the problems associated with the AC of the car?

These days you will not find a new car without AC. The air conditioning unit is an essential part of a car and it has turned into a necessity from the luxury that it used to be at a time. The air conditioning unit is located in the front of the car and has vents depending on the capacity of the AC and the car make. The main goal of having AC in the car is to give a pleasurable ride to the people travelling by car by keeping the atmosphere cooler as compared to the high temperatures outside. The Air conditioner helps in reducing the humidity of the inside of a car by sucking away extra moisture from the interior of the car.

But since this is a machine it ought to face some problem or the other. There are many moving parts in an air conditioner and those parts experience wear and tear with due course of time. This may lead to malfunctioning of the parts of the AC or even cause non-functioning of your air conditioning system.

If you are aware of the problems that may be faced by your AC, then you will be in a better position to deal with it and find the right solution for it till the time you can get the mechanic for repairing it.

car Air conditioning
car Air conditioning

The problem associated with car air conditioning system

  • Most problems are encountered in the winter or after the months of winter. During winters the AC is not used at all and this may happen for a period of three to four months every year. When the AC is stopped the refrigerant goes back to the minimum point and the rest of the parts of the AC also become dry. This dryness and the cold
  • temperatures cause shrinkage of the metal and the joints of those parts making an escape way for the gas. The gas very slowly evaporates through these escapements and when you want to use the air conditioning system in winters you find that your sir conditioning is not working due to leakage of the gas.
  • The winter also brings with it another problem and that is of the freeing and crystallization of the moisture that has contaminated the pipes in the AC. The water turns into ice and prevents proper circulation of the gas through the pipe system from the compressor to the condenser.
  • The compressor is used to draw outside air for cooling it by bringing it in contact with the compressed gas of AC. This compressor’s valves may get chocked with debris of various kinds such as insects, leaves, dust, etc. this prevents sucking in of adequate amount of air from outside and that leads to lower amount of air being cooled.
  • The coolant or the refrigerant in the compressor is known as Freon. This gas is responsible for the cooling done by the air conditioning system. When the gas travels through the fine tubes of the compressor it becomes very hot by absorbing all the heat from its surroundings. At a point the pressure of the gas comes down considerably by releasing it into a larger open area and this brings down the temperature as well. The outside air that comes in contact with this cooled air also becomes cold and you feel the difference in temperature. Loss of this Freon gas can lead non-working of the AC.
  • The last but not the least is the use of wrong kind of lubricant as well as wearing out of the clutch and switches can also lead to problems with the cooling of your AC.
ac car repair
ac car repair

As a car owner you might also face this kind of problem with your car air conditioning system. So if something is going wrong with your car air conditioning system then you should consider a proper checkup with reliable car mechanic to solve the issue

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