Driving Test Tips – Mirrors

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Everybody says when I go for my driving test I’m going to make it really obvious to the driving examiner when I check my mirrors. The only problem with this plan is you will be doing something that you don’t normally do on your driving lessons, and the driving examiner is trained to pick up your mirror checks, so don’t try this one, as it may back fire on you.

Anticipation and Planning

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Anticipation and Planning Blue School of Motoring can tailor a driving course that will help you cope with all of the following.
Anticipation is a fundamental driving skill. When you anticipate, you take your awareness of the world and project it into the future.

Mirrors and How to use them when driving

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Properly adjusted mirrors are an invaluable asset to the driver of any vehicle. They enable you to see what is happening to your immediate rear and on either side of you to an extent without looking away from your direction of travel for more than a fraction of a second

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