Driving Tips for Learners in 2022

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Driving Tips for Learners in 2022

For those learning to drive in the UK, 2022 promises to be an exciting year for you. Won’t it be nice to get your licence so that you can go where you want, when you want, without waiting for a ride or depending on public transport? It is something you’ve been wanting to do and now that you’ve set the wheels in motion (no pun intended), it’s time to get a few tips so that you will be prepared to pass your theory and practical tests, but also to prepare you for driving.

Be Prepared for a Major Transition in the Automotive Industry

There has been so much press on the subject of electric cars in recent years that this time of transition should come as no shock to you. The UK has set a timeline in which new cars powered by petrol and diesel will no longer be sold in the UK as of 2030. That’s less than 8 years away and so you might be behind the wheel of an electric car before you know it.

You may even want to familiarise yourself with electric cars, as suggested by ElectriX, so that you will understand how they operate and are ‘fuelled’ when that day comes. In fact, you might even want to get behind the wheel of an EV for your practical portion of the test.

Practice for the Driving Theory Test

In order to dispel some of your anxiety over the driving theory portion of your test, you can access the government portal that has a mock test online for you to practice with. If you’ve studied your manual, it should take no time at all to answer those questions correctly. Not only will you get an idea of the type of questions that will be asked, but you can practice answering in the format the actual test may be in.

Tips for the Practical Driving Test

One of the wisest things to do when learning to drive is to take driving classes from a driving school. Here you will learn skills such as how to foresee any hazards in the road as well as how to perform a safety check of your vehicle. Some EVs have advanced safety technology built into the vehicle, which makes it even nicer. You will also get advice on how to stay calm behind the wheel and how to keep an eye out for pedestrians in the roadway.

As a side note here, another good reason to invest in an electric car prior to taking your practical driving test is that portion of the test where you may be quizzed on performing a safety check on your vehicle. Many aspects will be the same as with a petrol or diesel vehicle, but some safety points may vary. By familiarising yourself with the actual vehicle you will be driving, you just might be able to remain calm during the actual test.


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