Your Child’s First Car

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Raising a child is just full of a million worries. What will they turn out like, what career will they have, who will they hang around with, are they getting into trouble when they go out?! All of these questions will flicker through your mind on a daily basis. But nothing will stress you more than when the time comes for your child to get their first car. Suddenly that slight control you had over what they were doing or where they are going is snatched away from you. It’s a time where your baby finally turns into a young adult. So why not help them through the process of getting on the road with their first car so that you feel more confident when they finally drive off on their own. Here’s how we think you can make the whole process easier for them.

Your Child's First Car
Your Child’s First Car

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The Car

A lot of parents aren’t keen on giving their child their first car. Some parents just simply can’t afford it, some believe they should have to work and earn their way in life, and others have children who are so focused on making sure they buy it all themselves. But what you can do is make sure you’re giving them the right guidance so that they get the right car. You’ll need to advise on things such as the economy of it, price, age, tax etc. You could also give them a little treat for passing their driving test by taking a look at cheap number plates from PrimoRegistrations. Something personalised to put on their car is a lovely gift, and one they’ll appreciate so much. At least that way you’re still getting them something without actually paying for the car. You also need to make sure you help them with the insurance. There are little hacks we all know such as putting the parents on the insurance policy that should help to bring it down a little. If you can, try and convince them to get a black box to save even more money.

The Safety

They might be a little naive to the true dangers of the road when they first start out. Driving with a driving instructor is a pretty sheltered environment, one where it is easy for accidents to be avoided. However, on the roads by themself they could either become a danger to other people as well as themselves. Educate them on things such as the risk of going on a phone whilst driving, speeding, and drug and drink driving. As long as you have gave them your advice, that’s the best you can do.

The Boundaries

It is easy for them to get carried away when they first drive thinking they’ve got all the freedom in the world, but if they’ve passed at the age of 17 you still want to set some boundaries. They may still have college to study for, a job to get up for in the morning, and they are still technically really young. Plus, the later they’re out driving, the more tired they’re going to be, the more accidents that could potentially happen.



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