Modifications: Could They Land You In Hot Water?

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Lots of people worry about modifying their cars when they first pass their test. However, in most instances, there is no cause for concern. When it comes to the most common modifications and alterations, you just need to make sure they fit within the legal guidelines established by your country. Thankfully, the specialists who perform that type of work have to maintain a thorough understanding of the latest laws and regulations. So, you just need to choose a reputable company with an excellent track record when it comes to any of the typical modifications mentioned in this post. Don’t panic

Modifications Could They Land You In Hot Water
Modifications Could They Land You In Hot Water

Tinting your windows

There are a couple of reasons why new drivers might want to tint their windows. Firstly, many people think that dark windows makes the vehicle look appealing. So, you might want to do it for style purposes. However, there is a second reason that many drivers overlook. Tinting your windows can help to protect the interior of your vehicle and limit damage from sunlight. Just make sure you ask the specialist company for the darkest legal tint they provide for the best outcomes. Also, be sure to inform your insurance provider about the change if you don’t want to land yourself in hot water. The last thing you need is for them to refuse to pay out if you’re involved in an accident.

Making the car growl

Many new drivers choose to pay for the installation of a loud exhaust pipe because they want their new beast to growl. However, there are noise restrictions in place in most counties, and so you need to conduct some research before spending your hard-earned cash. In most instances, you can’t select anything that would cause a disturbance to residents or other motorists. Still, there are lots of legal exhausts that will improve the sound your car produces. Just be sure to:

  • Research noise level limits in your country
  • Pay a reputable expert for the installation


Hydraulic suspension systems are popular in the US, but they aren’t as prevalent in Australia or the UK. Still, you can upgrade your vehicle in most countries if you shop around and find the right professionals. There are lots of laws that affect the use of hydraulics on cars, and so again, you’ll have to research the subject. For example, in America, people aren’t allowed to drive faster than 15 mph while using their hydraulics. The technology doesn’t have as many regulations in Australia because most drivers don’t use it. However, more and more young people pay for hydraulic systems every single year. So, just make sure you’re smart! Also, consider the fact that the use of hydraulics could increase the number of times you have to repair your car. You might have to pay for:

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, yes, modifications could land you in hot water if you don’t follow the rules and regulations. However, in most instances, you’re free to modify your vehicle if it doesn’t impact your ability to drive, and you don’t cause disturbances for other motorists or homeowners. Just be sure to get a receipt for any work in case the police pull you over for something the specialists claim is legal.

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