Safely Overtaking

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As the calendars turn their pages over to the brighter months of summer, the roads are expected to get busier. You’re likely to see your fair share of cyclists and horse riders enjoying a leisurely day out, especially in country lanes and rural towns. Drivers approaching these obstacles in their path should feel confident that they can overtake all types of road users safely and legally. This post created by T W White and Sons, dealers of Mazda, Suzuki and Hyundai cars in Surrey and Kent, guides you through safely overtaking as a motorist, some common myths and how to handle different overtaking situations.

Winter Driving Tips

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Getting your car ready for adverse weather can be easy with a few simple steps and can help keep you safe when driving in winter. This guide offers information and tips on how to prepare for winter driving, and what to do if poor weather conditions cause you problems
while on the road.

6 ways to lower your car insurance

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6 ways to lower your car insurance

The average cost of an annual car insurance premium in 2014 was £747, but for those under 22 years of age the price increases dramatically. There are a number of useful ways to reduce your premium, though – here are six ways to bring down the price.

What to watch out for when buying a second hand car

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Few major purchases matter quite as much as your car. Even if you are no ‘petrol head’, your car is still important. It is often your ticket to get to work and offers you freedom to go wherever you want. Yet, snapping up a second hand car can be a frustrating experience. The Citizens Advice Bureau says it receives more complaints about used cars than any other purchase each year.

How to keep motoring costs down for your business

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Although the UK economy is starting to recover finally, many SMEs are still struggling to keep their heads above water. Those with significant numbers of staff driving on business are particularly feeling the heat, with fuel prices in continual fluctuation and other associated costs not helping.

In the market for a new car

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n the market for a new car? Our buying a new car guide looks at electric and hybrid options, how to research and find the right car for you.

8 reasons to take better care of your car

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A new car might well be the second most expensive single purchase you’ll make apart from buying your home. Making sure that your car stays in perfect condition is important; whether it’s keeping it clean and free from salt in the winter or ensuring it has the correct oil and water levels. Here are a selection of reasons why taking better care of your car is worth it.

A greener future? What can we learn from the popularity of the Nissan Leaf in the US

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The last decade has seen the rise of the green car – and we don’t mean the colour of the paint work either. Hybrid cars and plug-in electric vehicles have proven particularly popular across the US for a host of reasons – be it the lower fuel costs, cheaper car insurance or the fact that, yes, it’s actually cool to be green these days too. Sales are particularly strong in California where the environment is a huge concern.

Driving road signs – would you know what these signs mean?

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Driving road signs – would you know what these signs mean?

In 2013, according to Gov.UK, there were 35 million vehicles licensed for use on UK roads. The data shows that this number was growing, as it had done for virtually every year since World War II. Cars are getting faster, safer, more ecologically-advanced, and overall better.

So is it easier to drive than before, or should one quiver with worry when they sit behind the wheel at the sheer volume of traffic clogging up our roads? Are we putting people who are incompetent and ignorant in our vehicles? Or are our car drivers, enjoying their Jaguars, Toyotas and Fords from Jennings as good as they’ve ever been?

Automotive Tech Trends in 2015

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It’s almost too hard to keep up with automotive technology these days, as every brand is doing their best to outperform one another. With tech shows such as CES 2015 behind us and with only a few major ones left, perhaps it is time to take a look at the tech that should greatly assist you on your trip, or at least make the experience a lot smoother.

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