Top Tips You Need To Be Ready For Your Driving Test

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There is nothing more nerve-wracking than going for your first ever driving test. When you

are a learner, you spend a few weeks building up your confidence behind the wheel of a huge machine. When your instructor believes that you are ready, someone is going to assess your knowledge to know whether or not you are safe to be on the road. It’s a scary time to be a new river, and easing the nerves is a big priority for you before you get out there.

It’s normal to be nervous, and your instructor wouldn’t put you forward for a test if they didn’t think you could nail it. Ideally, they have already gone over the eyesight laws with you and made sure that you can see well, and you can choose here your new driving glasses. Once you are completely ready and your test is booked, you’re going to be able to get started with your lesson. So, here we have a few tips for you to ensure that you are confident and composed!

Top Tips You Need To Be Ready For Your Driving Test
Top Tips You Need To Be Ready For Your Driving Test

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  1. You will find it much easier to dispel the nerves if you are on time for your test. If your test starts at 11am, be there for 10.45. You need to be there in good time to get you in the zone; anything later and you’ll feel flustered and unprepared.
  2. Before you have your test, sleep as well as you can the night before. You want to feel less anxiety and stress, and spending half the night up late isn’t going to make you feel any good. Sleep well and have an early night, too.
  3. Book your driving instructor for a lesson before you have your test. Do this the day before rather than the day of the test, as you want to be able to feel confident with the maneuvers you are going to do. You can ask any last minute questions and get some fantastic advice before you go in for your test the next day.
  4. Make sure that you are prepared with the right documents. If you are using your own car to test in, then you need to make sure it’s set up and ready in the way you feel most comfortable.
  5. If you are more comfortable in your instructor’s car, you can be at an advantage as you’ll get to know the car before your test. It’ll be much easier when your instructor asks you to show them the elements of the car that make sense. Ask for help before your test to know every element of the car before your exam.
  6. Bring your instructor with you if you’re allowed to and you’re happy to do it. They can be the set of eyes that gives you extra feedback and tells you where you have gone wrong – if you did at all! It’s a good way to get some constructive feedback, too.
  7. Lastly, don’t panic! Take your time and if you don’t understand an instruction, ask your examiner to repeat it for you. Good luck!


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