Safety Tips for New Drivers

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Safety Tips for New Drivers
Safety Tips for New Drivers

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It’s exciting to get on the road for the first time without an instructor, completely independent, and in your own car. But it can be scary too, especially when you notice that some drivers don’t always follow the rules that you’ve been taught, and that were important for you in passing your final test. Over time, you will gain experience on the roads and learn the best practices to keep you and your passengers safe. But until that experience builds up, there may be some added risk as a new driver on the roads.

Patience and tolerance

In the course of your driving lessons, you will have been taught about hesitation and the need to drive confidently – especially at junctions. Part of the reason for this is because other drivers are confident and don’t always leave much time or space for others to maneuver. If you avoid hesitation, other drivers will respond. While this is an effective technique, it is also important to develop patience and tolerance when driving. You need to balance confident driving with patience and tolerance of other road users to maintain traffic flow.

Anticipate road users

If you ask someone if they are a good driver, you will likely get an affirmative answer. The majority of people believe they are good drivers, even if that is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. While most people are competent drivers – they can do the basics without thinking – they are often absentminded and cut corners. When people get into their cars, perhaps purchased from a KIA Dealership near me, they have a destination in mind, and getting there is their first priority. If you concentrate on driving, it will become easy to antipathy what other drivers will do and avoid their mistakes.

Always indicate

One of the first things you will notice as a new driver on the road is that many drivers don’t indicate when they should. At junctions and roundabouts, or coming off of motorways, many people forget or simply get into the habit of not using their indicators. This is a very bad practice and dangerous. As a new driver, you should work the other way. Get into the habit of indicating as much as possible, even at times when it doesn’t seem necessary. An indication of any kind can alert another driver or pedestrian of your intentions and help avoid accidents.

Beware of arrogance

There is a lot of arrogance on the roads in general. Something about being inside your cabin and behind the wheel makes you feel in control and can lead to a pushy attitude. As you gain more confidence on the road, you are sure to recognise it in yourself. We are all human, after all. The difference is that you can be aware of it and guard against it. Think of driving on the road as a collaboration between you and other road users. The goal is to keep the traffic flowing safely and avoid accidents. If you encounter road rage from yourself or from someone else, try to remember that safe driving is the most important factor.



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