How To Handle An Accident As A New Driver

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It is exciting to finally pass your driving test and get behind the wheel of a car of your very own. You know that you are a good driver, and so you have no trouble buying yourself a new vehicle and confidently setting off for work or the supermarket. The problem is that on your very first ride out after your driving test, you’ve landed in an accident, and you are a little stunned that this has happened. As a new driver, you need to know how to handle an accident and what to do in the aftermath of one.

You could be the best possible new driver out in the world, but you cannot control the actions of someone else on the road. You know that you can turn to companies like to get some help, but have you learned what to do while on the road after the crash? Most drivers bury their heads in the sand about it. Well, you need to learn about what to do so that you can be efficient in the event of an accident. Let’s take a look at how you can handle yourself as a new driver.

How To Handle An Accident As A New Driver
How To Handle An Accident As A New Driver

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  • Check Out The Damage

If you have passengers in the car, assess the damage to the machine and to them. Turn on the hazard lights if you can, and if you can still move the car, get it to the side of the road and away from the rest of the road users. If you are not hurt, get out of the car and see if the other driver is okay.

  • Call The Authorities

Your first port of call should be the police and calling for an ambulance. You need to make sure that you have called the relevant people for the right medical and legal reporting. You then need to call a loved one – like a parent to inform them of what’s happened.

  • Exchange Information

Swap information with the other driver, from their name and address to their license info and their insurance information. Most drivers will cooperate, but take the information that you can in a crash so that you know you have their license plate at the very least.

  • Don’t Engage

Unless you are swapping information or talking to the police/insurance people, don’t engage in discussion about the events. Anything you say can be used out of context, and that’s something that you want to avoid.

  • Stay Responsible

Following through on an auto insurance claim means being as responsible as possible. You need to finish up paperwork and submit it as soon as you can and try and get your car towed. Once you’ve sorted the bit on the road, get to the hospital, and get assessed yourself.

It’s not a pleasant experience to be involved in a car accident. In fact, it can be pretty traumatic. However, you are a new driver, which means that you need to get informed about how to handle an accident so that you can be as prepared as possible.



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