Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil

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Congratulations Oscar Tickner on passing your driving test at the first attempt today in Yeovil. Oscar drove during a busy time of day but was able to deal with the difficulties this brings. A patient intelligent driver who passed with only 4 minor faults. His test included a reverse parallel park, hill start and Sat Nav was used for the independent element of the drive.

Well done Oscar from Tony your instructor and all the team at Blue

Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil

Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil
Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil








Driving Lessons in Yeovil

Presently, driving is a necessity for a lot of people, especially around Yeovil in some of the smaller villages and areas without a great deal of public transport. Places like Ilminster, Taunton, Yeovil and Chard where some of the roads have demanding and busy conditions. One advantage of taking driving lessons near Yeovil is that you can use these to improve your driving skills. There’s no need for you to depend on others as you can drive whenever and wherever you want. You don’t also need to rely on public transport most of the time.

We have instructors in lots of local areas, we currently have instructors based in Ilminster & Yeovil, who can offer their driving lessons and expertise in plenty of local areas. So how can you make sure that you are getting the best driving lessons near Yeovil? Here are some of the things that you ought to look for.

Theory Driving Lessons in Yeovil

Aside from the actual driving, it’s also advisable to become more familiar about the rules of the road around Yeovil, so you can study extensively for the theory test. You can read the Highway Code to start but you can also seek the aid of professional driving lessons to ensure that you absorb everything that you need to learn. The lessons shouldn’t only be the practical applications of what you’ve learned on the car and road. It should also involve theories, as these are also essential in becoming a responsible and knowledgeable driver in Somerset.

Cost of Driving Lessons in Yeovil

Another factor that you should consider and carefully look into is the cost. However, it shouldn’t be the main deciding factor for you. Avoid using the cost as the sole basis for hiring a driving instructor. Make sure that you’ll be getting real value for your money. Fortunately, you can find high-level and professional driving instructors in Yeovil who can provide you with the lessons you need at reasonable prices. Blue Driving School is one of them. The good thing about our lessons here at Blue Driving School is that they have more value over the standard ones. This means that you will really learn a lot from us.

Wide Range of Options

You should be able to check lessons that you can purchase in blocks. This will give you more value for the money you spent. Fortunately, there is no need for you to exert too much effort in finding the ones that perfectly suit you as you have several options. Just make sure that you will be getting those blocks of lessons that you really need. Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil

Years of Experience of Driving Lessons in Yeovil

Professional driving lessons are those offered by instructors who have long years of experience in the field. If you’re dealing with an experienced and expert instructor, then you can expect to easily and quickly learn from their lessons. Oscar Tickner Passed Driving Test FIRST TIME in Yeovil

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