Getting Your Camper Road Trip Ready

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If your camper or trailer is always in ‘ready to go’ mode, then you are lucky for most people to be able to head out on the road and travel with a camper, and the drop of a hat isn’t possible. The camper or trailer usually needs a good going over before it can head out on an adventure.

Getting Your Camper Road Trip Ready
Getting Your Camper Road Trip Ready

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For those new to trailing a camper van around and are just getting ready to go out for the very first road trip, here is a checklist of checks to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.


Get your pad, pencil, and magnifying glass out. While you can probably leave the magnifying glass out, a thorough inspection is a must. While you can do the first inspection and start making notes about what you need to do, you can also call in an expert.

If there are any replacements and repairs that need to be done, be sure to order the trailer spares and get everything in progress first.

A certified technician is the safest bet to make sure that your camper is roadworthy and safe – the same way you’d make sure that your car is regularly inspected.


A surprising amount of people forget to check everything electrical that they usually keep in the camper. Batteries run out all the time, so before you hit the road, be sure that you have tested everything and replaced all of the batteries.

Put some spares in a drawer, too – so that you can use everything you need, even when you are in the middle of nowhere.


Campers that are parked for much of the year are likely to have lost a significant amount of air, and they will need to have that pressure replaced. Sometimes, if you haven’t moved your trailing in a while, there can be pressure spots on the tyre. These flat spots are dangerous, and it is better to just put new tyres on rather than use them.


Depending on how you use your camper and what features it has, you might be in for a shock anywhere that was used to store food or to shower. Both of these places can be a breeding ground for mould, and if we aren’t using the camper often, it is easy to let it run rampant accidentally. Most of the time, it is easy enough to remove with a spray and a clean.

If you notice mould but can’t seem to figure out how it got there, it is a good idea to start looking at the outside for cracks, chips, and any damage that might’ve happened. A little bit of leakage can cause a lot of damage.

A road trip is fast becoming one of the best ways for people to enjoy a holiday but without the huge price tag. Packing up a car and heading to a campsite or hitching a camper to the back of your car opens up a whole world of adventure!


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