Getting A Used Car As Your First Vehicle How To Make The Right Choice

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Getting a first vehicle can be a big milestone in a person’s life. It may be something of a formative experience as well.

Young people may also feel added self-consciousness and could have a fear of others judging their vehicle as being unsightly. Teens and twentysomethings can sometimes still be finding themselves, and they may want to feel a lot of pride in their cars.

Getting A Used Car As Your First Vehicle How To Make The Right Choice
Getting A Used Car As Your First Vehicle How To Make The Right Choice

More pressure might also be felt if a used car is likely to be the first vehicle you drive. If you’re not careful, they might have more problems to contend with, potentially leading to more problems for you as a newly qualified driver.

There could be many things for you to consider when getting a used car. You might find that the tips below help you make the right choice.

Peruse Classic Cars

Some might assume that used cars tend to be shabbier and less impressive. It can be a misconception.

However, many classic cars can also qualify as used cars. These vehicles may have a long and interesting history with multiple owners. They may also have a stylish and antique feel in their own right.

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Classic cars are perhaps more likely to be lovingly cared for through the years. There may not always be a guarantee of this, but as they can look exquisite, it’s reasonable to expect the vehicles may drive the same and be in good condition.

Perhaps Avoid Auctions

Some people may head to an auction when looking for a used car, and that likelihood may increase if they yearn for a classic vehicle. However, their actions don’t necessarily mean that you should follow suit.

An auction may have the used cars you’re looking for. There might be a nice atmosphere at these events, as they can also be sociable occasions. You may feel you’ve had a day out while shopping around.

Still, caution can be needed in these situations. There may be the risk of overpaying for an auctioned vehicle, and you may not always be entitled to returns and refunds either. You could experience stress when engaged in bidding wars, as well.

It can be harder to make the right choice under pressure. Furthermore, it may not be sensible to go about getting a first vehicle in this way, too, as those contesting for vehicles are sometimes more experienced road users and could have funds to waste. You may see lots of advice online to consider this approach, but it may be in your best interests to avoid auctions for now.

Perform Background Checks

You are probably aware that even a used car is a significant investment. Getting a good understanding of who’s offering it to you seems like a good place to begin.

Unfortunately, dodgy used car dealers are still out there, so try to be cautious and double-check who you’re dealing with. You could approach this in several different ways:

  • You could see if independent motoring organisations or engineers have inspected and authorised the dealership to sell the used cars.
  • You could check the reviews of the dealership online to see if other customers are satisfied with their vehicles.
  • You could look for the Retail Motor Industry Federation’s trade association sign so you can act through them if anything does become amiss. The Scottish equivalent may be able to help you similarly.

It may also be helpful to cross reference your most recent findings with other discoveries about other dealers. That way, you may be able to spot if something is noticeably amiss.

Review the Car’s History

You may not like looking through lots of paperwork, but it can be necessary when getting a used car. Try to take the time to make some extra checks.

You could ask the seller of the used vehicle you’re interested in for MOT test numbers, mileage figures, the make and model, and the registration number. It may be more useful to get this information in writing, as you can then take it to the Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) to ensure everything checks out.

It could also be a good idea to look into private history checks. You might then be able to see if the used car has been previously written off, significantly damaged, or reported stolen. Many websites online can perform these checks for you, but try to ensure you’re working with a competent and thorough service.

Consider Your Instincts

If something feels amiss, it could be. Perhaps learn how to listen to any gut instincts you feel while trying to get a used car.

There are some ways you may be able to lend more credibility to your gut instincts. You could:

  • Try to test drive the car multiple times to measure a consistent level of performance and feeling behind the wheel.
  • Attempt to gauge the dealer’s behaviour and whether they’re too pushy with the sale.
  • Compare the experience with the dealer and the vehicle to others you had.
  • Request that a loved one also test drives the vehicle and interact with the dealer to see if they share a similar view.

Being patient and kind to yourself might be helpful here. That way, you can play a more active part in the proceedings and learn to value the credibility of your own opinions. Pushy dealers and low self-esteem can be bad influences on your decision-making. You may feel better about things if you embrace your thoughts and feelings and have confidence that the right used car for you will come along eventually.


Making the right choices around securing a vehicle may not be easy initially. You might make things easier by working with trusted services and remaining true to yourself. Try to believe in yourself and have a strong idea of what you’re looking for; everything else may fall into place naturally.



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