Harvey Broom Passed Driving test FIRST time in Yeovil

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Congratulations Harvey Broom who passed his driving test first time in Yeovil.

A very cold and frosty morning with low sun offered challenging conditions but Harvey was able to maintain a safe drive throughout.

The test included a reverse parallel park on a hill and controlled stop on an untreated icy road. A very enthusiastic and positive student who deserved his pass.

Well done from Tony your instructor and all the team at Blue School.

Harvey Broom Passed Driving test FIRST time in Yeovil

Harvey Broom Passed Driving test FIRST time in Yeovil
Harvey Broom Passed Driving test FIRST time in Yeovil

Driving Instructors in Yeovil – Top Qualities to Look for

Driving in Yeovil, Somerset requires the utmost concentration as there are very busy roads, especially during peak hours. By learning how to drive in Yeovil, you can familiarise yourself with the road layout in preparation for your test, and navigate confidently regardless of certain driving conditions and road systems. To make sure that your driving skills are top-notch you need the help of a good driving instructor.

So what are the best qualities that you should look for in driving instructors in Yeovil?

Experience Teaching Driving Lessons in Yeovil

You need to look for a driving instructor in Yeovil who has already been in the industry for a long time. They must have extensive experience on the different roads in Yeovil, and how to manage driving during peak hours if this is when your driving lesson is.

A good and experienced instructor is also someone who knows exactly what to expect from you, especially if you’re still a complete beginner. They do not force you to learn everything at once. In fact, they are experienced enough to know exactly how to customize your training and lessons to suit your specific skill level and needs.


Another important quality that driving instructors should have is patience. In fact, it is one of the key traits that each driving instructor should have. Your chosen instructor should be patient enough to let you relax.

Working with an instructor who tends to get annoyed and frustrated easily may pressure the student too much, which will also increase the risk of accidents. Look for one who is patient enough to let you learn at your own pace, so you won’t end up getting too stressed and pressured.

Updated with the Recent Trends and Developments in Road Rules and Legislations

They must be proficient and knowledgeable enough about the road conditions and rules, legislations, and other important factors related to driving in Yeovil. Their up to date knowledge will make it easier for them to teach you everything that you need to know to pass the provisional driving assessment successfully.

Confidence Driving Lessons in Yeovil

A good driving instructor is someone who is confident enough about their driving skills and techniques. They should also be confident of their ability to increase your skills and confidence about passing your driving exam.

Prior to the actual driving test, your chosen instructor must be capable of conducting pre-driving exams regularly to assess your knowledge. They should be able to monitor your progress while making adjustments on their techniques to boost your confidence in passing the final test.

Fortunately, all our driving instructors here at Blue Driving School have all the mentioned qualities and more. We have excellent communication skills and a good sense of responsibility. Furthermore, Blue Driving School has been in this business for a long time, so expect us to be fully capable of teaching you everything that you need to know about driving lessons in Yeovil.

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