Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge

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Congratulations to Emily Ward who passed her test in Trowbridge on 21st November 2022 with only 3 minors, so a fantastic, safe driver!  On the warm up before her test, Emily encountered torrential rain which she was pleased eased off once her test started.  She drove on a variety of roads in lunchtime traffic and completed a reverse bay manoeuvre which she completed with ease.  Well done, Emily and safe driving!

All the very best from Ruth Etches your driving instructor and all the team at Blue Driving School

Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge

Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge
Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge

Finding the Best Driving Instructor in Trowbridge

Finding the best Trowbridge driving instructor is no longer that difficult, as professionals like us are here to help. Blue Driving School has a team of driving instructors who are fully knowledgeable about this field. Blue Driving School is also capable of designing a driving course which perfectly suits you while also covering all the driving modules and theories you need to learn. That said, you have higher chances of learning at your own pace and mastering the art of driving quickly. Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge

How can you choose the best Trowbridge driving instructor? Consider implementing the following tips:

  1. Ask questions – Prior to booking driving lessons in Trowbridge, make sure to ask all the important questions. Ask about their passing rate, test grade and other relevant info. Do the lessons at a specific time, which perfectly fits your diary to prevent ending up taking the same routes. Your instructor should be able to help you vary your routines from time to time. Also, ask about the specific inclusions in the lessons, what you will learn and if it is possible to customize it to fit your skill level.
  2. Look for someone with a good plan – The best driving instructors are those who can create a good plan for each lesson. They can customize each plan with the student in mind. This means that you can expect their lesson plan to only hold the essentials – those that you’re still unfamiliar about.
  3. Look for an instructor whom you’re comfortable with – The best Trowbridge driving instructor is also someone whom you feel comfortable talking to. He shouldn’t be able to make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, as this could mean that you’ll have a hard time absorbing each lesson. If you are comfortable with your driving instructor, then you can relay your thoughts honestly each time he asks for a feedback. He will then know whether there are still some things he needs to change in the lessons to make them more appropriate and suitable for you.

Emily Ward Passed Driving test in Trowbridge


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