The Extras We Can Purchase for Our 4×4 to Enhance Road Trips

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When we are travelling greater distances in our 4×4 for leisure purposes, or using it for specific work tasks, we will want to consider what accessories there are to buy that can make life easier.

Suppliers of 4×4 accessories, such as, will be able to help you find just what you need to satisfy all kinds of trips, whether they are to do with holidaying or going about our work.

The Extras We Can Purchase for Our 4x4 to Enhance Road Trips
The Extras We Can Purchase for Our 4×4 to Enhance Road Trips

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So, let us now consider just what some of these accessories available are.

Custom Fabrication

You can practically have your 4×4 re-designed when it comes to converting it into something that can be used for a specific practical purpose. You can, for instance, have aluminium canopies, trays, and slides, and various drawer systems fitted that will cater for your storage and transportation needs. 4x4s can be made to house whatever it is you are needing to transport inside or using your vehicle. They just make the vehicle more purposeful and are geared to the tasks that we are trying to achieve.


Everything that you open will require a hinge, and these can be purchased for all situations that a 4×4 set-up encounters, in terms of its doors and other storage units housed within. Various types of hinges are available including butt hinges, piano hinges, pintle hinges, strap on hinges, and truck door hinges. It can all be supplied.

If you didn’t already know, a pintle hinge contains both fixed and moving parts. The “pintle” is the name for the pin that sits internally and externally concerning the hinge. You only have to check out the supplier website or ask for information to obtain the right hinge for the job, though. The main thing is that the hinge is strong enough to withstand the constant opening and closing of whatever it is attached to.


Different to hinges, fasteners can be purchased for securing a whole manner of loads that you might need to transport as part of your work.

For example, anti luce fasteners that are available are extremely useful for applying pressure to the rubber and foam seals that are used with Ute trays.

The different types of fasteners will include door anti luce (as mentioned), door hold backs, finger pulls, over centre fasteners, spring bolt fasteners, and tie-downs.

The over-centre fasteners are for use with caravans and their canopies, and camper trailers and their toolboxes. Spring bolts are good for securing things like drawers.

Gas Struts

In terms of gas struts, it is possible to purchase mounts and brackets. These are used to support doors, lids, and covers that are horizontally hinged. They help when it comes to positioning, lifting, and lowering actions. These tend to have many uses and it is good to have a supplier you can obtain them from should you need some more.

Caravan Accessories

A useful accessory available is the fold-down stainless-steel step that you can obtain for your caravan. It is strong and allows for quick and safe entrances and exits concerning your caravan. Alternatives to it are the drop-down support leg that can also be purchased. Many caravan owners will also go for the jack-off canopy legs for stability. It is all about making things easier and so more enjoyable when you are caravanning.

To conclude, there are lots of things that you might not have thought about that are useful accessories for caravanners. It pays to see what is available that can just make life that bit easier and make caravanning more pleasurable when you go on that long trip, or any trip away. If your 4×4 is used for work, then there are plenty of accessories that keep it purposeful and useful concerning that. The 4×4, of course, has many uses related to both work and leisure, and the accessories available can cater for it all.


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