Car Accident: What to do to survive?

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Car Accident What to do to survive
Car Accident What to do to survive

Globally, a car accident happens every second, causing physical, emotional, and financial disability.

A car accident is one of the worst things that a human being can experience in their lifetime. However, with a few tips, you can help to reduce the effects and positively affect the outcome. Let’s explore ways to survive a car accident

Be Prepared

The first step is always prevention; avoid the accident. This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that after getting inside your car; the only actions you can control are yours and not the other drivers. So, the more prepared, aware, assertive, and a skillful driver you become, the higher the chances of avoiding being involved in an accident. You can be prepared by Here are further ways to be prepared;

      • · Wearing your seatbelt
      • Having your seatbelt on before driving is vital in increasing the chances of survival during a car crash. The belt should go across your chest on the center and the lap belt on the low part of our hip bones. For the children, they should always use the car seats and booster seats instead of seat belts, until old enough to wear the shoulder and lap belt.
        • Keep off distractions
        • Distractions range from your cell phone, food, happenings on the road, and anything that prevents you from being focused. Don’t allow any disturbance to take your eyes off the road and hands on the wheel. Most of the accidents happen due to distractions. Eat when the car stops, tune in your favourite music before driving, and avoid using your cell phone. Aim to stay calm and have a sound mind when on the road.
          • · Store any objects in your car safely
          • If the objects in your can become projective during a car crash, remove them or store them in a safer place like the trunk or well tucked behind the seat.
            • · Regularly service the safety systems
            • Seatbelts and airbags need regular serving to enable them to work correctly in reducing death and injury during automobile accidents.
              • · Avoid leaning against the car dashboard
              • During a high-speed car crash, the airbags do inflate saving lives. But they do so forcefully throwing a person leaning on the panel backward and causing injuries. Also, if your car has side airbags (curtain airbags) avoid bending on the sides.
                  • · Ensure your car is regularly service..
                • 2. Embrace Safe Driving Practices
                • Here’s how you can embrace safe driving practices;
                • Having your vehicle in perfect condition with the transmission, engine, suspension, brakes, and tires in good order, minimizes harm during an accident. Also, a well maintained car helps you to avoid an accident.
    • · Do not rely on Safety Features
    • It is essential to trust your judgment when on the road, relying on autonomous braking, blind-spot assist or back-up cameras may not be safe. Such safety features should act as your supplements for safe driving. Moreover, they can easily malfunction, get disabled, or stop responding during an imminent crash.
  • · Obeying the current conditions and traffic laws
  • Weather conditions can change drastically, and hence, the need to be conscious and work with nature. Adjust your driving accordingly during bad weather and heavy traffic.
  • · Expect potential problems
  • When driving, always observe the road and check out things that may cause an accident. You need to:
  • Look ahead for pedestrians or other cars moving into the direction of your car path
  • Keep a distance by following the “two-second rules” this gives you enough time and space to react in case the front car makes an unexpected move
  • Stay away from aggressive and distracted drivers   
  • 3. Minimizing an accident

In case an accident is not inevitable, you have seconds to make the right decision that can mean a huge difference between death and life. During a crash be smart and use the below tactics to increase the chances of survival

  • · Keep calm
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and focus. The more relaxed you remain, the easier the chances of making the correct judgment and saving your life.
  • · Try to Slow down
  • The faster you keep going, the higher the car accident impact will be hence its advisable to try to slow down.
  • · Steer your car towards a soft landing
  • After the accident, you have a few seconds to scan the environment and see the smoothest landing around. Making an impact on the low wooden fence, shrubs or bush does less damage to the car and the passengers than landing on another vehicle or a concrete barrier. Skid into a field, roll into the ditch but avoid crashing into heavy objects.
  • · Maintain control
  • Maintain control of the situation and especially your car by going on the direction of the vehicle, not against it. If it’s skidding down then go with the skid, wait for the wheels to get traction before accelerating or braking. Moreover, you need to handle the brakes well, for the antilock brakes let them do their job but for the manual ones rhythmically pump them instead of slamming. Slamming the brakes may make them lock, removing the ability to control the car.
  • · Don’t leave your vehicle
  • Staying in the proper driving position enables emergency safety devices like airbags to perform their duties well. Ducking takes you far from the safety of seatbelts or airbags while bracing may lead to broken bones due to airbags excess force. Once the car halts, switch off the engine, check out for any injuries and turn on the hazard lights.
  • · Have Survival Tools
  • Having survival tools in your car may mean the difference between death and life. Always have a;
  • Seatbelt cutter- Works magic when the seatbelt gets jammed or doesn’t release
  • Glass breaker- Best for breaking windshields or windows if the door gets blocked or jammed
  • Fire extinguisher- in case of fire
  • First Aid Kit- handy for treating minor injuries.
  • 4. Take the necessary measures after the accident
Car Accident What to do to survive1
Car Accident What to do to survive1

Here are the steps you can take;

  • Ensure the safety of all people.
  • Call 911 and let the police write a full report
  • Talk to the witnesses and take their contact and all the details of the other cars involved in the accident.
  • Seek medical attention: After the accident and the emotions have calmed down, let the paramedics check you up to rule out any internal and external injuries.
  • Call your accident attorney and also inform your insurance company. Get the facts, and don’t leave the accident scene. Regardless of the emotions being high, staying calm helps you concentrate and get things done. Leaving the accident scene may lead to hit-and-run charges. Avoid talking to those involved in the crash about what happened since it may minimize your damages due to partial responsibility. Regardless of the type of car accident , call your attorney and let them handle the claiming and court case if any. An accident can create a lifetime painful memories. Each day is prone to accidents as you drive but always strive to avoid them and survive, if it happens. Protecting your rights after the accidents play a role in damages you receive hence the need to have your accident lawyer on the scene.


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