Which Car Is Easiest To Learn In?

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Which Car Is Easiest To Learn In?
Which Car Is Easiest To Learn In?


Learning to drive is a tough challenge for any new road user and it can be pretty daunting. When learning how to drive for the first time there are a lots of ways you can make things easier for yourself along the way.

A lot of us don’t consider how important the car we learn to drive in really is, and how it can have a real effect in or performance when it comes to taking the test. This is why today we want to take a look at which cars you should look for when searching for a learner vehicle this year.

Ford Fiesta

Most of the time when you visit a site such as Trade Price Cars, the Ford Fiesta will be up front and centre as a choice for new drivers and there is a good reason why. The Ford Fiesta is a great size for learners to get used to the road, and it is also a reliable vehicle which is easy to navigate and use.

Mazda Demio

Mazda is a stunning car make and the Demio is a model you may not have heard of before. The Demio is also called the Mazda2 in some places and it is a wonderful choice for beginners on the road. The easy handling makes it a dream for learning and it is a small size which is usually best for learners as they start to get used to driving on a road with other cars.

Volkswagen Polo

German engineering will always be a must in the car world, and aside from Audi there is another make who are ideal for learner and young drivers. Volkswagen is a great make and the Polo is a classic choice for learners everywhere. With this car you’ll enjoy the added protection of door impact protection, front and side airbags and more.

Honda Fit

Honda is always a great choice for new drivers, and if you don’t feel like you can handle the size of a Civic, the Fit is a perfect introduction into the brand. This car is compact and easy to handle, and it has 5 speed manual transmission which can really help you get ready for your manual driving test.

Kia Rio

Kia is a lesser used brand of car but it is also a car company which boasts some truly amazing reliability in all of its vehicles. The Rio is a small car which is ideal for new drivers and it has a comfortable interior and sturdy outside. If you are also looking for a car which is fuel efficient as you first vehicle then this is ideal for you this year.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a popular model of car for new drivers and it is a safe and reliable machine to use for your driving this year. If you are unsure whether you want to learn manual or automatic, you will get the choice with this car and it will suit all of your needs.

Vauxhall Corsa

No doubt one of the most popular learner cars has to be the Corsa, and there is a good reason for this. The car is modern, easy to use, comfortable to sit in and reliable.



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