Gaining Confidence When You’re A New Driver

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Passing your driving test is an exciting rite of passage. Not only do you now have the freedom to go where you want to go but being able to drive brings a sense of maturity that you might not have had until now.

But alongside the excitement and new sense of independence, there can be a lot of nervousness. Driving is a big responsibility and can be hazardous when risks are taken on the road. Becoming confident on the road quickly is a must to help you become a strong and capable driver.

Learn how you can become a more confident driver with the tips below.

Gaining Confidence When You're A New Driver
Gaining Confidence When You’re A New Driver

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Take the pressure off with a used car

While you might be tempted to fork out for a brand new, top-of-the-range car, it’s not the best idea for a new driver. The higher value will crank up your insurance and it means you’ve got a lot more to lose if you’re involved in an accident. By browsing reliable models like Honda used cars, you can get yourself a good deal on an older model that will be ideal for those first years of driving. Choose something with low running costs to help you make the most of those initial driving years.

Drive with an experienced driver

It can take time to get used to driving on your own, so you might feel more confident having an experienced driver with you, especially during those first drives. An experienced driver will be able to help you with your techniques and give you some navigation guidance to help you settle into driving life. Choose someone you feel safe with to help you feel more at ease.

Once you’re feeling a bit more in control, you can start driving more by yourself. Driving by yourself frequently will help you develop your own driving style and make you less fearful of the road. Try driving at all times of the day and night and in different weather conditions to help you get used to different types of driving.

Go further

While you’ve now got the freedom to drive everywhere, many new drivers prefer to stick to what they know. But doing this will only help you get used to existing routes, which can soon put you on autopilot when you get in your car. Challenging yourself by visiting new places, trying different routes and going on longer journeys can help you become a more adaptive driver.

Why not plan in some great UK road trips and plan some exciting adventures?

Practice all kinds of parking

Parking can be one of the most difficult aspects of driving to master, but as the saying goes – practice makes perfect. By practicing different types of parking, including the notorious parallel park, you’ll soon get used to maneuvering your car in and out of some tricky situations. Why not spend the morning practicing all types of parking so that you feel more confident when time is an issue and you really need to park somewhere?

Have more lessons

One of the useful tips for new drivers is to have more lessons. Having lessons after completing your test can help you get to grips with driving in various conditions, as well as helping you learn how to drive on motorways and other things that might not have been covered as part of your regular lessons. Completing a ‘Pass Plus’ course can also help to bring your insurance down, which is great news when you’re trying to enjoy those first driving years.

Learn some basic maintenance

Would you know how to change a tyre or change a bulb in the front of your car if needed? These are some basic elements of car maintenance, but not everyone knows how to do them. Teaching yourself some useful skills will help you out if you’ve had an accident or you’ve broken down, helping you to feel a bit more in control and able to handle a difficult situation. Nobody’s expecting you to be able to fix major repairs, but having some minor knowledge of car repairs will help boost your car confidence.

While passing your test is the first step on the road to becoming a great driver, your real experience will come after you get behind the wheel on your own. Gaining confidence as a new driver takes time, but you’ll be able to get there with some practice and perseverance. What will you do to become a better driver today? Start looking at ways you can brush up on your driving skills.

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