5 Important Tools that you need for your jeep

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If you have gone off-roading even a few times, you know that unexpected surprises are common. And, that surprises may not be very pleasant. From a flat tire to a mud-stuck jeep, you may face a lot of tricky situations on an off-roading expedition. Keeping some basic tools along is the simplest way making sure that you stay out of trouble- or at least that you will find a way out of trouble.

5 Important Tools that you need for your jeep
5 Important Tools that you need for your jeep

In addition, getting some tools also means that you don’t have to pay a mechanic for some simple tasks. What’s wrong with saving some money when you can? We’re not asking you to load up your trunk with mechanical tools. Just the essentials- you never know when they’ll come handy.

In this article, we recommend a few important tools you can keep around, to begin with.

5 Important Tools that you need for your jeep

So, here are the set of tools that is simply a must carry while you decide to take an off-road trip in your jeep.

1.      Wrenches

What is a jeep tool-box without wrenches in it? Wrenches are the most useful tools in loosening or tightening nuts and bolts. Though they come handy, you need to know the types and should select the right ones. There are different types of wrenches available on the market and in all kind of sizes. Hence, it is a good idea to keep a set of (most helpful) wrenches along. Some of the most helpful kind of wrenches are combination wrenches, socket wrenches, torque and open-end wrenches. As you buy more advanced ones, you might want to check out the adjustable wrenches. They can be really helpful for the times when you don’t have the right sized wrenches around.

2.      High lift Jack

If you ask us, everyone with a knack for off-roading and/or working on their jeeps should have a high lift jack. What makes them so useful? Well, there are several scenarios where high lift jacks are helpful. To begin with, they can lift your jeep high enough to get you out of troublesome and ‘stuck’ situations. Just that, you should be a little careful when handling these tools. While the mechanism is easy to understand, they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

3.      Screwdrivers

A good set of screwdriver is something that is useful just everywhere. You may already have one of two screwdrivers at home. No, we aren’t just talking about them. When it comes to working with jeeps, you may need a good full set which includes larger flat-head screwdrivers as well as tiny headed ones. Nowadays, you can easily get a useful set of screwdrivers at a reasonable price.

4.      Pliers

Pliers generally are tools that are used to grip anything, twist or even for cutting some wires similar stuff. These are handheld tools. There are several types of pliers on the market that comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes. The grip pliers or locking pliers will help you lock the jaw on to something so that you have a firm enough hold over the thing to pull out or twist it. Then there are adjustable and non-adjustable pliers. The adjustable ones are better, sure thing. Pliers come handy in a lot of situations. Think of a broken screw or nail that won’t come off- plier can help. Think of a frozen nut- plier can help. Even think of zipper with a broken pull- plier can help.

A quick note of caution- be a little careful with the force that you are applying on the object with the plier unless the damage caused to it doesn’t matter.

5.      LED lights

You never know when you might have to get down to work in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere. LED lights can help you in such situations. So this is, of course, a must-have before you take your jeep and hit the trail.

So, here you saw a few tools that we recommend for situations where you’ll have to work on your jeep. Though several other tools might be needed depending on the situation and the vehicle, these are some of the basic tools which can come handy quite frequently.


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