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On average, Brits spend an hour and a half behind the wheel on the daily commute

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On average, Brits spend an hour and a half behind the wheel on the daily commute. Over time, this adds up to almost 10% of our waking day.

Whether it’s the secret Shania Twain CD or that favourite pair of shoes kept safely in the passenger footwell, the possessions we take for the journey can tell a lot about us.

GoCompare asked 10 photographers from around the world to open their glove-boxes to the masses. Here’s what they found:>

The car glove-box has been around since automobiles were first in production. It was initially a safe place to keep your gloves, a necessity in the early days of being a motor owner! As the car has changed over the years, the necessities kept in the glove-box have evolved too – from legal documents to novelty knick-knacks.

In some countries, you may be legally required to travel with certain items. For instance, many European countries require you to carry safety kits and extra paperwork. The glove-box is a vital holding place for items that keep you on the road!

Maybe the images featured have inspired you to take a look at the items you keep in your car – what story could you tell about yourself, just by looking at these possessions?

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