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A clean ride: How valeting can help your car’s value

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You love your car, and when it comes time to sell it, you’ll want to get the top price. You’re probably already aware of some of the things that can have an impact on value. Mileage, service history, and condition of the bodywork are all aspects most people will list right away. But internal condition counts for a lot, too, and that’s how valeting and detailing can help maintain your car’s value.

Kerb appeal

Before a potential buyer even takes your car for a spin, they’ll be looking through photos of it. This is where a gleaming finish will help your car stand out. Something as simple as a dusty instrument cluster can make a potential buyer move on to the next vehicle. It can give the impression that you don’t look after your vehicle.

How valeting can help your car’s value
How valeting can help your car’s value

When they sit in the car for the first time, any bad odour it’s picked up over the years will be a factor in whether the buyer is willing to part with their cash. Most odours aren’t going to be as apparent to you as they will be to someone else. Whether it’s a weekly drive to the park with a four-legged friend, a cigarette here and there, a daily coffee on your commute, or the occasional fast food break, smells can quickly add up.

These are problems that a professional valeting service can solve. With a full detailing service, the hidden dirt in your car will be cleaned away. While it’s true you could give your car a thorough cleaning yourself, you may not have the same tools available to you, particularly when it comes to odour removal.

Maintenance is key

Of course, valeting isn’t just something for when you’re selling your car. Regular valeting service can help your car maintain its value for the time you own it.

Keeping your car clean inside and out can save money. Without maintenance cleaning in winter months, dirt and grit can quickly cause costly damage to alloy wheels.

Valeting can also help the interior of your car. Mats are often taken for granted, but can be expensive to replace if they become damaged or too dirty. If they’ve been taken out, the damage could be even more expensive to repair.

If you have kids, things like dropped foods and pens can quickly become big problems for your car. Damage to interior surfaces, seats, and floors can all occur without you even noticing.

Professional detailing and valeting service can correct all of these problems before they require you to replace parts of your car. Replacing the upholstery can be a significant outlay and one that is usually avoidable with the right care.

Don’t let problems build up

Regular detailing can also help prevent dirt from building up and causing problems over time.

A new window regulator can cost hundreds, and the value of a car with a non-working window will be understandably low. In some cases, the problem will have started with dirt build up. Dust and debris in your car can get into the door cavity where your electric window’s working parts are. Over time, this dirt build-up can cause the regulator to seize up and stop working.

Similarly, dirt inside your car can lead to blocked filters and stop your air conditioning working properly. If you’re selling your car, your buyer won’t want to pay full price if the ventilation system isn’t working. If you want to repair this, it can become very expensive.

However, regular valeting can help keep dirt build-up at bay. This simple step can help save money in the long run. By keeping your car in good shape inside and out, you’ll save on garage bills.

Top trade in value

If you own your car, you’ll want the best price when you sell it, but even if you’re under a lease agreement, the added value from valeting can be an important factor. Much like when you return a hire car, the overall condition of the vehicle will be assessed at the end of your lease.

Whether trading in or upgrading on a lease, taking your car to a dealership will include a close examination of the vehicle’s condition. A car dealer will be looking at all of the elements mentioned above; they know that any future buyer will be influenced by things like odour and dirt build-up. They also know that a well-valeted car will save them a lot of work.

Having a car that has been regularly and recently detailed can help you get the very best trade-in value. Conversely, a badly maintained and dirty car is more likely to get a lower valuation. It may also incur additional charges at the end of a lease.

Whether you’re selling your car now or want to keep it for generations, having it maintained through regular valeting and detailing will do more than just make it nicer to drive. It can also make a significant difference in its value.


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