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Windsor Driving Test Pass for Jo Hatfield

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Windsor Driving Test Pass  Well done Jo Hatfield from Windsor. Jo Passed her test in Chertsey this afternoon with just 2 driving faults and the examiner described it as a lovely drive. The test included a forward bay park and following signs for the independent drive.

All the best from Andy Shrimpton your driving instructor at Blue and all the team as well, safe driving. Windsor Driving Test Pass

Windsor Driving Test Pass for Jo Hatfield
Windsor Driving Test Pass for Jo Hatfield

Blue School Driving Tips

Anticipation and Planning

Anticipation is a fundamental driving skill. When you anticipate, you take your awareness of the world and project it into the future.


Anticipation starts with observation: and at Blue School of Motoring our driving instructors can help you judge when something is about to happen by spotting visual clues, which are often subtle. For example, an observant driver would notice a vehicle approaching from a side road and anticipate them emerging, even though it is your right of way.

Traffic lights that may have remained on green for some, could suddenly change to amber, or a pedestrian walking towards a Zebra Crossing.


Planning for the far, middle and near distance, allows you time to judge how and when something will happen – or might happen. By seeing the possible future event played out in your mind’s eye before it occurs, you can be ready to perform the appropriate action in response.

Windsor Driving Test Pass

Anticipation is another critical element of defensive driving. Looking further ahead than the car in front and keenly observing traffic up the road provides a driver with time to react to situations. The more time a driver allows for adjusting to changing circumstances ahead, the safer and less erratic their avoidance measures will be. Anticipation reduces the impact of dangerous conditions on the driver and other drivers around him. Windsor Driving Test Pass

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