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Electric Tricycles – Why Are They Gaining Immense Popularity Lately?

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Electric Tricycles – Why Are They Gaining Immense Popularity Lately?

Tricycles are an amazing means of transport that have been popular for decades. Gone are the days when tricycles were used as playthings by little kids or required a lot of energy to ride. Now powered by electricity, tricycles have taken a revolutionary transformation for offering a better riding experience. An inbuilt battery is used to store this electric charge and gives you a pollution free ride. You can find a few of these electric tricycles, here and there when you are taking your morning stroll. The number of people using the electric tricycles has gone up in the recent days and the sales have increased tremendously. Now you can even find separate companies that manufacture these cycles specifically. Almost every popular automobile company has started its own section dedicated to electric tricycles.

Electric Tricycles1
Electric Tricycles1

What are electric tricycles used for?

Before we get into the reasons for the popularity of these tricycles, let us first understand why these cycles are used. As soon as you hear the team ‘electric tricycles’, you might think that the electricity part makes sense. Of course, in today’s world of dust and pollution, a few environmentally friendly souls may want to shift to other sources of energy to power our transportation rather than exhausting the traditional fossil fuels. So that would be a good reason to shift to an electric bike. But why a tricycle. Why go for an extra wheel when two wheels are perfectly enough to ride a cycle with stability?

  • The first obvious reason that comes to mind is ‘disability’. People who are handicap may lack the balance to drive a normal two-wheeler and so an extra wheel provides the much-needed additional support. And in most electric tricycles, the charging port is in the front part, so you will not have to get down from your cycle while refueling. This feature is a great advantage for physically challenged people.
  • They are also used by vendors for transporting, as the rear two wheels can support a basket large enough to carry the stuff. The electric motor also provides the power for easy maneuvering.
  • These cycles are preferred by families with babies or little kids as the backrest of the seat and paddle are quite convenient.
  • They are also often bought to take leisurely rides through town. You can simply sit and wait in traffic as you would do in a car, instead of planting your feet on the ground and carrying your cycle’s weight.
  • Senior cyclists find these tricycles extremely useful to help them perform their daily commutation.
Electric Tricycles2
Electric Tricycles2

Reason for the rising popularity

The above-mentioned needs and uses have existed since ancient times. So why are these electric tricycles suddenly gaining popularity? The reason is the cutting down of capital cost. In the initial stages of the introduction of electric vehicles, a lot of people were reluctant to get them as the cost was high. But now mass production of such vehicles has increased to satisfy the rising demands. Though this has not exactly made these cycles cheap, it has considerably cut down the price range. Furthermore, a lot of new stylish models are being released to suit different needs and tastes. So, more and more people are gravitating towards owning these three wheeled cycles.

What are the things to look for while buying an electric tricycle?

If you are willing to join the popular trend, and get a tricycle for yourself, then you should look for the following features.

  • Check if the maximum load carrying capacity is sufficient.
  • Check if the cycle has an easily mountable frame.
  • Look for batteries that will give you greater mileage with a single charge.



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