Is Going Big With Your First Car A Good Idea?

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Passing your driving test is exciting. For many drivers, it’s the beginning of their independent lives. Finally, you’ve got the possibility to sit in a vehicle and drive wherever you want to. You don’t need anymore to rely on other drivers – parents or friends – or to check when the next bus is due. All you need now is to get your first car. And this is the start of a long debate between adventurous and cautious first drivers: what car should you buy? Ultimately, a car comes with responsibilities. So it’s fair to say that picking a most expensive vehicle is likely to bring more responsibilities. Is it really a good idea for a new driver to get the vehicle of their dream or should you wait a little? Here are the pros and cons for each driver’s personality.

Is Going Big With Your First Car A Good Idea
Is Going Big With Your First Car A Good Idea

Should new drivers buy new cars?

A car means responsibilities

The only costs you need to worry about when you learn to drive are your driving school costs. But once you’ve passed your driving test, you’ll soon notice that driving a car is a little more expensive than you first expected. For a start, you’ll need to get car insurance, and these can be expensive for first-time drivers. It’s best to use an aggregator to compare multiple costs and pick the best for your budget and needs. Unless you’ve inherited a lot of money, your first car might require applying for a car loan or buying a used vehicle with a long history. If you decide to buy a second-hand car to keep your costs low, make sure to run a thorough checklist from service history to signs of rust and tear to avoid bad surprises.

Pros of buying your dream car

On the road, the car you drive is often perceived as an extension of your personality. People draw conclusions on who you are based on your vehicle. It’s easy to see how you might want to choose an expensive vehicle to fit in, from convertibles for people who want to enjoy life to hybrids for eco-friendly enthusiasts. Ultimately, driving your dream car as a first car is a great way to establish who you are on the road. It can be tricky if you’ve got your heart set on a foreign vehicle – here’s a little guide on how to ship a car over from USA if you want an American muscle car. However, it’s a good motivation to learn the maintenance secrets and mechanical wonders of your vehicle.

Is Going Big With Your First Car A Good Idea2
Is Going Big With Your First Car A Good Idea2

Cons of buying your dream car

As a new driver, it can take time to get used to a new vehicle, especially if you have learned to drive a different car. Buying your dream car as a first vehicle can be unsettling and make you feel less confident behind the steering wheel. Additionally, you’ll be worried about every dent, bump and scratch, which – let’s be honest – are common for new drivers. Sticking to a second-hand vehicle can reduce this car anxiety.

Is a used car safer?

Ultimately, the car you buy will depend on how much of a confident driver you are. If you tend to be nervous on the road, it’s best to save your nerves and a lot of money and start with a used vehicle.





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