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There are several items around the home that need gas in order to work properly. These include ATVs , lawn mowers, and other items. Transporting gas is not an easy thing to do. There are gas cans that will help with this but a person still needs to keep safety in mind. There are some tips on how to transport gas cans safely.

When transporting gas be sure to use only an approved container. There are gas cans that are specially designed to hold the gas. Never use a container that has not been approved for this purpose. Gas is highly flammable and this can lead to a dangerous situation.

Filling the Can

Gas cans are small and they can present additional danger to fill. From CarCareNinja, once you have removed the can gas from your car you need to touch the metal part of your car. This will help reduce any static electricity that may have transfer from the car to the gas can.

Place the container on the ground and pay for your gas. Put the nozzle from the gas pump inside of the container. Fill the container up only to the line that says full. If there is no full line the container should not more than 95% filled.

This will leave some room for expansion and contraction. Once it is filled to this level tighten the cap right away. Before placing the gas can in the car wipe it off with a cloth. This will help remove any spilled gas. The cloth should than be disposed of at the gas station.

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Watch Out for Static Electricity

When transporting a gas can static electricity is one of the biggest safety concerns in addition to the fumes. It is important to take several steps to reduce the chances of static electricity causing a problem.

Before taking the empty gas can out of the car touch the metal part of the car to help reduce the chances of transferring static elasticity from the can to your body. Be sure to touch the gas can to the concrete at the gas station before filling it.

The same should be done when taking the gas can out of the car when you get home. Static electricity can cause sparks and when dealing with gas this can be rather dangerous.


The gas can should always be in an upright position when transporting it. It should be secured in place as well. After putting gas into the can make sure the cap is fully secured and tight. You should twist the cap until it clicks into place or cannot turn anymore. If there is a vent on the can make sure this is secure as well. Never transport gas if the container is open. This can lead to spills and the fumes can make you sick.


Do not put the gas can inside of the car with you. Once the can is secure place it in the trunk. If you are driving a truck place the gas can in the truck bed. Even if the gas can is empty never place it in the car with you. The fumes can still make you sick and the vapors can still escape.

In order to secure the gas can in place use a bungee cord or a net. This can be attached to the bed or the truck or the trunk of the car to make sure the container does not move.

Head Right Home

Even if the gas can is secure in the car this does not mean that you should drive around with it for hours or make several stops. After filling the gas can you should head right home. Once you have reached your home you should take the can out of your car.

Practice Safe Driving

When driving around with the gas can in the trunk even if you are heading right home you need to practice safe driving. If there is a crash with the gas can this can be dangerous. Do not slam on the brakes suddenly to get the car to stop. This can jolt may knock around even a secured gas can around and increase the chance of spills.

Keep the windows in the car open. This way if there are fumes that escape it will reduce the chance of them making you sick. If you do begin to feel dizzy or lightheaded then you should pull over. Take a couple of deep breaths and then check the gas can to make sure it is closed tightly.

Additional Safety Tips

Never smoke near the gas can. Gasoline is very flammable and it is dangerous. Even if the gas can is in the trunk avoid smoking during the transport. The vapors may have escaped into the car and they are flammable as well.

Always used an approved gas can. When possible try not travel with children. The fumes may irritate the child. If the child is in the backseat and the gas can is in the trunk fumes may still get into the car. Take extra safety measure when transporting gas with little ones in the car.

Wait Until You Get Home

Never try to fill the lawn mower or other item with gas and then put that into the car or the truck. Travel only with the gas can and then put gas in the vessel once you get home. This will reduce the chances of spills and gas from getting into the car and making you sick when traveling.


These are some tips on how to safely transport a gas can. While gasoline is needed for several things around the home safety measure still need to be taken when transporting the gas can from the gas station to the home.

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