Avoid Driving Distracted

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Avoid Driving Distracted
Avoid Driving Distracted

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If we’re honest, most of us have been guilty of driving distracted in some way in the past. However, now that we have cars that are more technologically advanced than ever, as well as a whole host of high-performing gadgets that many of is must always have on, distracted driving is on the rise, and it is getting dangerous.

If you want to avoid distracted driving and avoid getting into accidents or even getting yourself into serious trouble with the law, here are some things that will help you drive more safely:

Turn Your Phone Off

The easiest way to avoid being distracted by the ringing of your phone, or even worse, tempted to pick it up and use it when you’re driving is to turn it off until you reach your destination. Why? Because talking on the phone can be pretty distracting, more so than talking to passengers. So, unless you need to have your phone switched on in case of an emergency, the best thing you could possibly do is switch it off.

Use Hands-Free

Despite the fact that taking a call can be pretty distracting, if you have a car like the Subaru XV, which if you click here, you will see enables you to use voice commands, using it to control the functions you’d usually do manually, including making and taking calls it it is really necessary, will help you to at the very least, keep your eyes on the road.

Take Rest Breaks

If you’re travelling long-distances or driving when you’re tired, you should take frequent rest stops to avoid driving drowsy, which is the cause of so many accidents. Of course, if you can help it, try not to drive when you’re tired at all.

Take Fewer Passengers

The fewer passengers you have in your car, the less likely you are to become distracted by them and their antics, especially when you’ve just passed your test. As well as ferrying fewer people around, it’s also a good idea to avoid driving with rowdy friends who could cause you to take the eye of the ball, or at least to warn them to behave before you set off on your journey.

Fill Up First

And I’m not talking about your tank here! Eating behind the wheel is something that so many people do, and it leads to so much distraction that it is really stupid. Even if you don’t get into an accident as a result of eating at the wheel, if you get caught you could be in for trouble, so don’t do it!

Get Things Done First

Probably the best way to avoid distracted driving on the road is to get everything you need to be done, done before you get into the car. Eat your meal, fix your makeup, call your mum and catch up on your texts, Then, you can drive safely without thinking about any of that stuff again until you get to where you’re going.

There really is no excuse for driving distracted!


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