Know What Your Vehicle Needs: The Best Time to Get New Tyres for Your Vehicle

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Know What Your Vehicle Needs: The Best Time to Get New Tyres for Your Vehicle

One of the important parts of the car is its tyres. It is the thing that drives the car forward. Such an important piece of car not only gives the car its acceleration, but also actively involved in the security and the safety of it. The treaded tyres are an innovation in that front. The treads on the tyres are specifically designed to keep the car aligned and in balance improves the handling and response of the car, also help to reduce hydroplaning and increase the grip of the tyres on the road. To keep the car in this top shape, you cannot keep turn a deaf ear to the needs of the vehicle. So, target is to recognize the distress calls made by tyres and the processes to remedy it. This article will tell when it is the time to purchase a set of new tyres and how to purchase them.

Here are some indicative tips on how to recognize that your vehicle needs a new set of tyres

new tyres
new tyres
  • Check for the tread marks: Since the treads increase the tyre grip on the road, it is important to check for their condition. The condition of the tire can be devised from the quality of the tread. Any tire should be changed when the tread depth is reduced by 2/32th of an inch. It is often wise to change an entire set of four new tyres to keep the handling of the car in a pristine condition.
  • Check the date of the tire: The date of manufacture is usually printed on the tire. The format is WWYY. This means that the tire with the date stamp of 4213 was manufactured in the 42nd week of 2013.
  • The quality of the rubber can be checked by visual analysis and pinching it. Tyres showing signs of uneven wear and tear should be changed.

All these points are correlated and must be consulted together before coming to the conclusion of putting on new tyres.

Getting a tire worn out by usage is common. The target is to know the best time to get new tyres for your vehicle. This requires few skills to identify a good tire and can be easily identified by a person who has been in touch with vehicle and its maintenance.

  • The first tip is to select the new tyres suited for the type for the type of road commonly used by your vehicle. This is because the texture of the road changes from road to road. The tread design of the tire is highly dependent on the texture of the road.
  • Online stores are a great way to get some good deals on tyres. In addition to having a huge range to choose from, addition deals such as free installation can also be availed.
  • The best seasons to buy new tyres are just before the change of the seasons i.e. autumn and spring. This is because autumn is the best season to change the tyres before the winter sets in. Spring is an excellent season as summer season is usually good for travelling.
  • It is often good to buy second hand tyres instead of new tyres as they can be quite affordable and are within the 5-year period from its date of manufacture and without excessive wear and tear.
  • Rotate the tyres often. Keeping them well aired and in rotation prevents excessive damage to a particular tire. Also, it is wise to get your tyres and wheels mounted an authorized mechanic so as the perfect balance is maintained among all the wheels. This prevents the excessive wear and tear to a single tyre.



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