The most frequent emergencies auto locksmith faced by people

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Car Locksmith
Car Locksmith

We think leaving the car keys inside the car or losing them, are some of the most frequent emergencies faced by the car owners but there are several more incidents which are quite common at the auto locksmith store. Some of them are quite hilarious whereas some are the real serious ones. Let’s find out the common emergency situations faced by the car owners across the globe.

  • It needs to be the very first one as this issue has always topped the charts of car emergencies. Any guesses? Well, it is about forgetting your keys in the car and locking yourself out. You won’t believe that, but as per NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), “for the years 2013 through 2015, a total of 147,434 were reported stolen with the keys left inside the car.” Even if your situation is not that gruesome, but it can be anytime, so take a look at all the crucial things before closing your car door. Also always have a spare set of keys to enter to your car when needed.
  • The next most hilarious situation, which is fun for the listeners but the nightmare for the bearer is putting the wrong key in the ignition and getting it jammed. The basic structuring of keys of the cars from the same company is almost similar. So, when the people are in a hurry, they put the wrong key in the ignition which gets jammed and doesn’t allow them to start their car. And in this situation, there is always a crying call to the nearby auto locksmith because they don’t know how to get their wrong key out of the ignition.
  • Have you lost again is the most common complaint that people file who lost their car keys somewhere in the office or the coffee shop or the bar they visited last night. It’s better to take the cab to home and meanwhile contact the people who can help you in retrieving the old car keys or make the new one.
  • Snapping the car key into two pieces. Well, we know you are strong but moving the car key in the ignition doesn’t require all your body strength instead just a skillful twist. Panicking in this situation never helps but a call to the right person does. A skilled locksmith can always help you to remove the snapped key
  • There is something like dust or tiny dirt particles stuck in your ignition point which is not allowing your car key to slide through. Hence, you can’t drive or reach a place where you were planning to go. A collection of dust or dirt is a common thing to happen, so it’s better to get the ignition point cleaned from time to time to avoid emergencies and a run to the auto repair store.
  • Losing the car key is one thing, but a stolen car key is a serious issue because there are chances that when you reach your parking place, you will not find your car parked there. When you reach the place, your car will be long gone. So, try to keep the keys at the secured place to avoid this mishappening.


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