Car MOT text reminder service

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How the MOT text reminder service works


If you do
subscribe for the MOT text reminder service, you will still be responsible for
ensuring your vehicle has its MOT test by the due date

benefit from the MOT text reminder service you will need to register your
details with VOSA. Once registered, three text reminders will be sent to your
mobile phone to remind you of your MOT date.

Youve passed Now you just need a car

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Passing your driving test is one of the most thrilling
experiences of your life. In an instant, you are given unlimited access to the
nation’s roads and are free to explore every town, city, village and hamlet out
there. But after the expense of driving lessons and the costs incurred from
just sitting the test, many of us are not in a position to buy a car straight

Your chance to cut motoring red tape

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Life is about to get easier for road users, businesses, and local authorities as Roads Minister Mike Penning today pledged to slash unnecessary red tape.

Better enforcement and education to cut road deaths

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And as new analysis shows, 3,500 deaths and serious injuries could have been prevented in a year if the successes of better local authorities and police forces had been matched across the country. Local people will be given the information they need to have a real say in road safety priorities on their local roads.

Scam Web Sites

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Be careful when booking your driving test or theory test as there is only one official web site where you can do this Any other site that pretends to do this will be charging you a premium an above the normal rate for this..

Government crackdown on drink and drug driving

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A package of measures to tackle drink and drug driving was announced today by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

Improved testing equipment to detect drink and drug drivers will be given the green light and key changes made to streamline enforcement of both offences.

Young drivers – Could there be a worse time to pass your test

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In an age where having your own car or access to your parent’s car at 17 is the norm, could there be a worse time to pass your test given the recent recession; and the spiralling costs of car insurance for young drivers?

Car Insurance EU Policy Changes

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The following is an excerpt from the EU. It could make insurance for young female drivers more expensive. The only people to benfit from this would be insurance companies.

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