Questions You Should Ask At The Dealership

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Questions You Should Ask At The Dealership
Questions You Should Ask At The Dealership

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So, you have passed your driving test and the time has finally come to buy your new car. Yay! But before you make a spending decision you might regret, there are a few questions you need to ask the car dealer. We haven’t listed all of the questions you might possibly ask below – some may be specific to you – but we hope our suggestions are useful.

#1: Which cars will suit my needs?

Of course, the dealer won’t know your needs until you tell them, so be sure to consider what these might be before you visit the dealership. If you have a family, you will obviously want something that is considered very safe to drive, along with extra seats and luggage space. If you’re buying a car for a specific purpose, such as something that can tow a trailer or off-road caravans around, you will need something with the pulling power to do so. Or if you’re simply looking for something suitable for a beginner driver, you might want something small and easy to handle. So, consider what your needs might be and explain these to the dealer.

#2: Does the car have a full-service history?

If you’re buying a used car, this is one question you definitely need to ask. The service history will let you know of any repairs that have been done to the car, including details of past MOTs. If the dealer can only provide you with a part service history (or if they can’t provide you with one at all), you may need to rethink the purchase. The same applies if the car has had a lot of repair work done to it in the past. After all, you don’t want to drive away in something that might be unsafe or unfit to drive.

#3: Can I take the car for a test drive

A test drive will indicate any potential issues with the car and it will let you know how comfortable the car is too. If the dealer says ‘no’ to this question, walk away! They clearly have something to hide if they aren’t willing to let you give it a spin. If they do let you take the car for a test drive (and all reputable dealers will), these are some of the things you need to look out for. It’s always worth bringing an experienced friend or family member on the test drive with you if you need an extra pair of eyes and ears.

#4: What safety advancements have been added?

As you will understand, your safety (and the safety of others) is paramount when you’re out on the roads. There is much you can do to stay safe when behind the wheel but for added protection, it’s worth buying a car with a few modern safety features. Adaptive headlights, blind-spot detection, parking sensors, and rearview cameras are just a few of the technologies worth having. Some of these can be added after the car has been purchased but it’s still worth asking the dealer which cars already have them.


We haven’t covered everything here, as there are other questions you can ask about the car’s history or about any technologies that may have been added. You might want to ask questions about financing and warranties too as it’s important that you find a good deal. As we said at the beginning, there may be other questions that are specific to your personal needs. So, make a list, and be sure to ask the dealer each question before you part ways with your money.


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