New Driver? Here Are Tips To Prevent Those Nerves Taking Over

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For most drivers on the road, the driving test is a distant memory. It was once the day that jangled their nerves so badly that they felt like they would never pass their test and get out of their training wheels. Now, they’re bossing the roads and they’re enjoying every moment of freedom that comes with being the driver of a car. It’s your turn to be that new driver on the road now that you’ve passed your test, and you’re a bundle of nerves that you have to drive without an instructor watching your every move.

When you get behind the wheel for the first time without someone protecting you or warning you of what could go wrong, the nerves that kick in don’t vanish the moment you get that full licence. You will be on unfamiliar roads and hopefully, you can feel a little better for remembering that if you weren’t a good driver, no one would have given you a licence in the first place! You need to work on those nerves, and that means that you need the tips below to get you going

New Driver Here Are Tips To Prevent Those Nerves Taking Over
New Driver Here Are Tips To Prevent Those Nerves Taking Over

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  • Get Prepared. You may not like the idea of being on the road for the first time alone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself for it. It’s a big deal but that doesn’t mean that you put too much pressure on yourself. Before you go out in the car, you need to get ready and make sure that your car has the best tyre pressure, the right fluid levels and the car is de-iced and ready to go! Your car has to be in tiptop shape, or you end up feeling a lack of confidence in your car.
  • Take Your Time. Slowing down on the roads is just as bad as going too fast, so stick to the speed limit and make sure that you are taking new routes slowly. Study the area beforehand online and keep a map in the car (or use the Sat Nav). Always allow a little longer than usual because if the route you’re headed says it takes an hour, give yourself ninety minutes.
  • Take More Classes. Yes, you’ve passed, but many driving schools offer specialist lessons in night driving and highway driving. These will help you to continue your driving education and boost your confidence on the road. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, if it’s making you nervous, there is no harm in extra tuition. There is nothing shameful about getting some extra help, especially if you feel you need it before you take to road conditions you’re unsure of. In fact, it makes you a much better driver because you can see your own weaknesses.
  • Check Your Lights & Windows. The lights both in and out of the car should be working properly, and your windows should be clean so that you can see right out of them. If you ensure that you are maximizing your visibility, you’re going to feel far more confident on the road. Let’s also not forget that the lights need to work, or you could be given a fine for a blown bulb!



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