An ultimate guide to caring for your car’s paint

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Bought your dream new car and wondering how to make it last as long as possible in top condition! Sparkling paint on the car’s body obviously sparks the confidence of the driver. There could be many factors that might damage your car paintwork. Studies say even the cheeky writings on the car’s body could damage the car’s paint surface.


Ultimate guide to care your car paint


You must drive your car with care every day and your car would reward you with longer intervals without repair. Here is an ultimate guide to caring for your car.

  1. Car wash

Washing your car frequently would avoid the deposition of debris over the surface of the car. This is not so hassled task to care for your car. You must do this in the right way to protect the car’s finish and reduce the chances of corrosion over time. But if done wrong, you will end up damaging or scratching the glass and car paint surface, stripping wax.

Those automatic car washers look more convenient but did you know that they could harm your car paint? Yes, it’s true. This type of car washing could create fine scratches and swirl marks when the fast-spinning rollers collect the dust and grift from the car. Instead, you could wash your car with just a few items such as car shampoo, a sponge, and a grift-free bucket of water.

  1. Car waxing

Waxing your car would protect the car’s paintwork. This would help you to sustain the car’s paint and keep your car looking new. Waxing your car would slow down the process of oxidation which helps your car look shiny and new for a longer time.

Before you begin with the waxing process, you must make sure that the surface of the car is cleaned such that there is no debris or dust deposited over the car’s surface. Waxing would prevent your car from being affected by scratches and act as a protective coating to your car’s paintwork.

  1. Park your car in the shade

Parking your car in the garage is the best option. But if you do not have the choice, you can at least try to look for an option that could minimize the interior damage from UV sunlight and heat. You can make use of car shade to minimize the sun’s impact. This simple tip could help your car paint last for a longer duration.

  1. Avoid using sharp substances to clean your car surface.

Using scrubber or fingernails to clean the bird droppings or dirt over the surface of the car could damage the surface and the paintwork. Make use of soft hand props as the car’s surface is very sensitive.

  1. Avoid writing on the car with your finger

Did you know that the cheeky writings could damage your car’s surface?

Isn’t it surprising?

Car surfaces could accommodate dust and debris over the car’s surface. Dragging your fingers on the surface could leave deep scratch marks on the car body. This will act like sandpaper grinding on the dirt and this could penetrate through the paintwork. Hence, make sure to clean your car’s surface and avoid writing with your fingers on the car.

  1. Get your car repair before it’s too late.

We often neglect the minor damages thinking that it won’t affect us much. But this could lead to major damage. Hence, get your car repaired before it’s too late and pays attention to minor damages. Call your service provider on time and get it repaired soon.

  1. Coat your car with sealant

The sealant will form a protective coating layer over the car surface. You can use it at least once of=r twice a year.

  1. Using Synthetic coating

Applying the ceramic or polymer coating for once can protect your car for more than 6 months. This is an alternative to waxing and it permeates to the pores of the paint ending up forming a protective seal.


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