Top Car Sales Warning Signs You Need To Look For

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Choosing a used car is a money-saving option. But you need to make sure that the dealer whom you have chosen is a trustworthy one. Most times, people fall for the deals which sound too good to be true and end up buying a car that fails to meet the expectations.

It’s kind of hard to decide whether the car sales offered by a dealer are at all trustworthy one or not. Even though you are buying a used car, you would never want to choose a bluffing dealer and rushing you towards a trap. So, to guide you towards the purchase of your dream car without you having to face any problem, here we have discussed some of the warning signs you should look for while dealing with a car dealer.

Top Car Sales Warning Signs You Need To Look For
Top Car Sales Warning Signs You Need To Look For

The dealer is rushing you into a deal. 

The very first sign to identify bad car sales is the rushing behavior of the seller. Every trustworthy dealer will allow you to take your time and answer your queries without rushing into anything. However, if you find that your chosen seller is hurrying a lot and constantly coaxing you to finalize the deal and make the payment, we think it’s better to avoid such car deals and move to the next seller.

The car has excessive rust 

Sometimes, the used cars have rust, and it is acceptable. But what is not acceptable is the presence of a lot of rust and swelling of the car’s parts. If the external chassis has rust, high chances are there the internal parts will also have this corrosion. Buying such a car from the car sales will be a bad deal because a rusted car would never last for too long and the corrosion will occur at a faster rate than expected.

The car has one or CAPA stickers 

The CAPA stickers are applied to those parts which are replaced after an accident or a collision. It might be the rear bumper, the side view glasses, the front kidney grille, or the steel wheel’s frame. No matter what, do not deal in the car sales where the models have the CAPA stickers. This is because once a car becomes involved in the collision, the damage is long-lasting, and after a few years, the car might start showing problems.

The seller seems to be controlling and dominating 

Another warning sign to look for while choosing from the various options of the car sales is a seller exercising his dominance and control over the deal. Every car seller must be lenient and polite, no matter how popular and well-recognized he is. If you feel suffocated and not have the independence to present your views at the time of a car deal negotiation, you can leave that concerned seller and move to the new one.

Top Car Sales Warning Signs You Need To Look For1
Top Car Sales Warning Signs You Need To Look For1

The dealer is not giving you enough time for car inspection.

Even though you are buying a used car, you have all the rights to inspect the car, check the engines, the glasses, the seats, and other parts. Suppose the dealer is not giving you enough time for inspecting the car and is constantly saying that they have reports of the checked car parts, it’s better not to believe them. Such car sales are hideous, something you should be aware of.

The test drive feels uncomfortable

Lastly, you need to analyze whether your test drive was comfortable or not. This means that you need to check whether the suspensions are comfortable, the steering can be rotated without stiffness, there is no problem with the breaks, and so on. If you find yourself not comfortable with the test-drive results, do not choose the model.


Since we have discussed the major warning signs you have to look out at the time of buying a used car, do not fall for the traps and make a wrong decision. Always ensure that you are choosing a trustworthy dealer for buying your dream car.


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