Finding Your First or Next Used Car – Used Car Buying Guide

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Finding your first or next used car should be a fun and action packed journey – and not the stressful one that some motorists encounter. Motorists may fear not being able to trust dealerships or finding out there is a nasty issue after taking the keys which can understandably make finding a used car very difficult.

We have created this guide to help you if you are looking for a used car. From starting the search for your next vehicle to finding a trusted dealership and how to test a car when you visit it – we have you covered. So read on to find out more. If there’s a tip that didn’t make our guide – please let us know in the comment section below.

Setting Out and Choosing Your Manufacturer & Model

If you are buying your first car – you are likely restricted by the size of engine that you are going to be able to arrange insurance on when you start out. Engines reaching the 2L bracket may incur too much in terms of price on initial insurance so motorists tend to look at less powerful engines when looking for their first car. That said – you should first be thinking about these aspects as well as what you are going to be using your car for. If you tend to travel long distances – you will want to think more about the fuel efficiency of your car for example.

The style of the car that you want is also very important. Some may not want a specific style but you will still need to think about whether you want a saloon style body – 2 or 4 doors and other considerations. Are you going on a lot of family trips or have a lot of luggage – you will need to think of a larger vehicle than a smaller one. Understanding what you are going to need from your car is the first step on your journey in purchasing a used vehicle.

Finding Your First or Next Used Car - Used Car Buying Guide
Finding Your First or Next Used Car – Used Car Buying Guide

Set a Smart Overall Budget

Although it may seem like your budget will be the cost of the vehicle that you are purchasing – there are other costs associated with your car which you will need to factor into the budget. Costs of insurance, running costs and a sensible budget to cover outgoing costs. At reputable dealers – you have the possibility to have warranties and cover for used vehicles which is an advantage compared to buying from a seller directly. Problems can happen with older cars though so you will need to consider this and the cost of repairs into your budget.

Decide the Way That You Will Pay for Your Car

There are a few options when looking to purchase a used car in terms of arranging for payment. You can either buy the car outright, or pay in monthly installments via a lease deal or car finance deal. There are benefits for each so it’s important to research each of these options before deciding on which is best for you. Purchasing your used car outright allows you to own the car and sell it whenever you want whereas you need to complete or pay out of a lease contract or finance deal when you want to sell the vehicle which may result in paying more than purchasing the car outright.

Visiting a Trusted and Reliable Dealership

It’s highly recommended to purchase a used car through a trusted dealership with good reviews rather than going private and purchasing a car this way. There is little to no protection as a buyer at all if you purchase a used car that has a lot of issues privately as it can be very difficult to prove that the car was in bad condition when you purchase it. Dealerships sometimes offer warranties on vehicles to protect you should something go wrong shortly after you pick up the keys. You are also able to find reviews about dealerships from customers who have bought their vehicles from the dealership and this allows you to verify the validity of a dealership.

So that is it for our used car buying guide and we hope that this helps you in the hunt for your next vehicle. If there’s a tip that didn’t make our guide – please let us know in the comment section below.


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