How do I Parallel Park

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How do I Parallel Park
How do I Parallel Park

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One tricky manoeuvre commonly tested on the driving exam is parallel parking. This is a very useful and necessary manoeuvre for a driver to know it will be used in everyday life to park outside your flat or in tight city-centre locations. You will have to park the car efficiently, competently, and safely. Read this article for detailed instructions on how to perform the manoeuvre. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Pull Alongside the car

On the driving test, your examiner may ask you to parallel park. They will want to test your safety precautions as well as your competence at this tricky maneuver. When instructed, pull up alongside a car that has a place to park behind it. Your examiner will tell you to pull up beside the next parked car and stop.

When you have pulled up to the location, stop the car. Check your rearview mirror, your left side mirror and your right-side blind spot. You need to ensure no traffic is coming. The road should be clear when performing this maneuver, so check up and down the road at least twice.

Correct Your Positioning

After coming to a stop on the left beside the other vehicle, which could be a used range rover, your car will not be lined up, and you will not be in the best starting position to perform the manoeuvre. Before starting the manoeuvre, it’s important to prepare the vehicle. You may be marked down if you fail to recognise this important step.

Again, check your rearview mirror, your left side mirror and your right-side blind spot. Als, keep an eye on the traffic up ahead. Reverse the vehicle, at a slow walking pace, until the rear of your vehicle is lined up with the rear of the parked car. Come to a stop. Press the brake and engage the handbrake.

Reference and Reverse

You should now be ready to perform the parallel parking manoeuvre. Before touching the brakes, check your mirrors once again. Mirror checking is very important, especially on your test, so check them often and make it obvious you are doing this. If the road is clear release the handbrake and begin reversing.

Shortly after you begin reversing, turn the steering wheel to the left. You should have your eyes on the rear window but continue to check the road in front. After you have begun to turn check for your next reference point. Wait until the left corner of your vehicle is lined up with the right corner of the parked vehicle.

Fullock and Straighten up

When you have the best angle for parking, that is the angle in which you can straighten up the car in the space without sticking out, turn the steering wheel a hard lock to the right. Always move the car at a slow walking pace and continually check your mirrors and visibility for traffic and hazards.

With the steering wheel completely locked to the right, the car should turn effectively into the space. When you are lined up, straighten the steering wheel, apply the handbrake, and select neutral gear. Wait until you are given your next instruction.



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