What is Graphene and what makes it an excellent option for car paint protection

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Graphene is one of the best-used compounds for the protection of steel pipes and rods immersed in water. Ordinary steel that is not protected underwater can undergo corrosion due to chemical reactions. Hence experts generally suggest coating the steel rods with graphene. At present, the applications of graphene are commonly used for the products in marine fields. Graphene coating can be made utilized as a protective coating for the steel materials in the marine engineering field. It allows easier passage of electricity and thermal conductivity to other compounds.

What is Graphene and what makes it an excellent option for car paint protection
What is Graphene and what makes it an excellent option for car paint protection

Graphene introduced in the year 2004 can be now easily manufactured from the industry premises. One-layer graphene coating is one of the best-used forms of graphene used as the protective layer of steel to resist the corrosion of the steel parts underwater. Small companies to large companies are today making use of graphene sheets to protect the corrosion of industrial materials. Unlike galvanization, the layering of industrial material with a graphene sheet is found to be especially useful to improve the conductivity of the material. Graphene, taken via chemical vapor disposition or CVD is generally used to cover the marine materials. Graphene layers can be also taken via electrochemical processes to protect the industrial materials from corrosion.

Graphene layers can be also produced in the industry by the application of the oxidation process in the required areas. The thickness of the graphene layers ranges from zero to fifty micrometers. The thickness of graphene sheets is counted as per the number of layers formed because of the production of the material. The graphene layers made for the protection of steel by the oxidation process is generally termed as Hummer’s method. When searched, you can find the vapor chemical disposition method as the common procedure adopted to produce the graphene layers of favorable thickness.

What is Graphene and what makes it an excellent option for car paint protection2
What is Graphene and what makes it an excellent option for car paint protection2

Now, in the automotive car industry, Graphene coating has been recently introduced to coat cars in a way that provides excellent gloss with superior protection for the paint beyond any other alternative. Just as you read in the preceding paragraphs, the benefits of Graphene as an effective form of protection is obvious. The formula has been newly engineered to become a new and exciting option for car enthusiasts, lovers, and owners in general. Yes, there have been remarks of ceramic coating as the ultimate selection for paint protection, but Graphene is the best technology thus far. Do not get me wrong, but both ceramic and graphene based nano coatings are excellent options when it comes to protecting your vehicle, although when it compares to comparing side by side, graphene has superior features compared to ceramic.

First, graphene offers excellent benefits for your car:

  • Improved gloss and shine
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals, tree sap, scratches, dirt and rain
  • Super hydrophobic, meaning it repels water effectively and overall contaminants
  • Strong Tensile Strength for strong hardness
  • Many long-lasting years of durability
  • Corrosion resistance and water spot staining prevention
  • Creates a smooth finish to the paint
  • Excellent Thermal Threshold

Unlike other alternatives of paint protection in the form of waxes and sealants, which offer very little, to any hardness whatsoever, the graphene coating truly is unmatched when it comes to protection.

It is by no surprise that graphene paint protection is booming with popularity as a hidden kept secret in the high-end luxury and exotic car industry. Because the substance is so hard to find, as it is in scarce quantities, the service is more premium tying along with the premium pricing too. You would only find handful of accredited graphene coating applicators of this technology in your city most likely. The reason there are very few applicators is because firstly it is a new technology and on the other hand, it is a very meticulous process. Much of the work goes into preparing the paintwork, in which a professional detailer is highly recommended. Correcting the paintwork of minor blemishes such as scratches and so on will allow the graphene to work to its best possible potential. Finally, applying the coating on incorrectly can prove to be a tedious and difficult task. As it dries, it becomes almost permanent, so you could imagine how hard it is to correct it once it sets and dries (in minutes).

So, there you have it. Graphene coating in a nutshell, if you didn’t know, well now you know.



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