Tips To Practice Safe Driving After You’ve Passed

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Passing your driving test is a wonderful feeling and when you’ve done it, the freedom it gives you is unlike any other. However, you still want to make sure that you’re practicing safe driving especially after you’ve passed because being able to drive alone will be different. Here are some tips to practice safe driving after you’ve passed.

Tips To Practice Safe Driving After You’ve Passed
Tips To Practice Safe Driving After You’ve Passed

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Keep Both Hands On The Wheel

Keeping both hands on the wheel is something you’re taught when driving but often enough, a lot of drivers tend to drive with one hand on the wheel because it feels more comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with building up to that over the next few months but you need to be confident to do that in the fact that you still have control over the wheel. When you paas, it can be easy to become laid back but it’s important that as a new driver, you are still being strict on how you drive and that until you’ve been driving for a few months, it’s always good to keep both hands on the wheel. Usually, if you’re going to damage or crash your car, it’s normally within that first few weeks or months of owning it, so don’t become too relaxed so early on.

Always Watch Your Speed

Watching your speed is really important because this is one area of driving that drivers don’t always pay attention to. Whether you’re getting used to variable speed drives and understanding what speed limits are near you, it’s critical that you are paying attention to that dial on your dashboard and making sure you’re not causing yourself or anyone else immediate danger by driving too fast. The same goes for when you’re driving along a motorway, by going too slow you could be putting you and others in danger, so make sure you’re aware of this too. Inform yourself on the rules when it comes to driving along new roads as a newly qualified driver.

Remove Any Distractions

Distractions are never good to have when you’re getting used to driving on your own. Having your phone in your hand or near you to glance at is a big no no. Make sure that you remove any distractions from the car or from your eye line so that your focus can be on the road in front of you and the drivers around you. Distractions can cause fatal crashes so take this seriously.

Be Wary Of Others Around You

And finally, you have others on the road in front, behind and around you. It’s important that you are always conscious of where people are and that no one is threatening you or could be a potential danger. If that’s the case then keep yourself away from this and hold back so that you reduce the risk of anything going wrong. Not everyone will be as forgiving if you brake too soon or do a move that’s wrong.

Practicing safe driving is important so make sure to be smart on the road.


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