Louisa Marsh from Frome in Somerset passed her driving test

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A brilliant result for Louisa Marsh from Frome in Somerset, who passed her driving test with only a few minor ONE fault in Westbury, Wiltshire. Louisa had to deal with school run traffic, so being stuck at busy junctions for ages, with loads of pedestrians running about and cyclists, especially one male cyclist at a roundabout wearing a flowing dress and high vis face make up, not your average hazard to deal with.

Also a reverse manoeuvre in such a busy road, that Louisa was stationary for so long she couldn’t complete her manoeuvre properly. All the best from Damien Burke you’re driving instructor, it was great to see you pass and congratulations from all the team at Blue.

Frome Somerset Driving Test pass for Louisa Marsh
Frome Somerset Driving Test pass for Louisa Marsh

Top tips for your Driving Test in Frome, Somerset

With more and more people learning to drive, Blue School of Motoring present a guide of Top Tips to help you with your driving test.

The biggest driving test tip is not to book a driving test unless you feel ready! If you don’t feel confident, check with your driving instructor whether you are ready for your driving test.

It’s natural to feel slightly nervous on the day of your driving test. Don’t let this worry you too much. Stay calm and drive as you have been driving with your driving instructor, don’t drive any differently just because an examiner is sitting next to you.

Always check your mirrors and indicate before stopping or moving off during your driving test. Look carefully over your shoulder to check your blind spots. Failure to do the latter will most certainly get you a minor fault mark, and could be potentially hazardous to other road users.

Don’t look down at the gear stick when you change gear during your driving test. You should always keep your eyes on the road, constantly scanning the far, middle and near distance.

Always indicate correctly and in good time, this helps other road to know your intentions.

Do not stop at every junction during your driving test unless it is necessary. For example, if you stop at a roundabout when it’s obvious that you’re clear to go, you may pick up marks for hesitancy. However, where the road sign tells you to “Stop”, you must do so.

Don’t get too close to stationary vehicles or obstructions. Always keep a look out for pedestrians stepping out onto the road.

If you have to overtake cyclists during your driving test, give them plenty of clearance (about the width of an average-sized car). Don’t follow them too closely.

When reversing, keep looking round for road users. Never continue reversing as another road user is passing.

Use your mirrors before you change speed (up or down), change gear, stop or move off and whenever you change direction in your driving test.

If you think you’re heading for the kerb when reversing round a corner, stay calm. Make all round observations first , then pull forward and correct yourself. This is a much better approach than carrying
on and hitting the kerb!

If another vehicle approaches while you’re performing a turn in the road during your driving test, don’t panic. Make eye contact with the other driver first – if it’s clear that he is waiting for you, continue calmly with your manoeuvre, but check all round first. Otherwise wait until he’s driven past you before proceeding. In addition, while you should do your best to complete a turn in the road in three movements, you will not automatically fail your driving test if you take more then three. The important point is to look out for other road users and complete it at a reasonable pace.

Don’t panic if you make a mistake during your driving test. The examiner will not automatically fail you. Remain calm and move on. The national pass rate for the practical test is 42%.

It is recommended that prior to taking your test you should have had 40 hours in-car tuition with a qualified driving instructor and then another 25-30 hours practice with friends or family.

These tips are provided by Blue School of Motoring – a driving school that gets results for all levels drivers.

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