Things To Consider When Learning To Drive

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For most of us, we can’t wait to drive as soon as we hit the magic number of seventeen. We eagerly await our provisional arriving and are very quick to book our first driving lesson however, there is a lot to consider when it comes to learning to drive. Most of which we don’t even think of because of the idea of getting some independence over rules.

Things To Consider When Learning To Drive
Things To Consider When Learning To Drive

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With tests, paperwork, money and insurance there is a lot to organise and a lot to add to any one’s plate. Have a look below at some of the things you should be considering when learning to drive:

It can be very expensive to learn to drive, but sometimes people can really underestimate just how much they are going to need in order to even get started. Not to mention once you’ve passed your test. There is a good reason or it though, driving can be a difficult skill to learn, there is a lot of paperwork involved and it’s essential that you learn properly. Some of the things you will need to think about funding include:

    • The cost of buying your provisional- You can upgrade for free to a passed license.
    • Driving lessons, it’s recommended that you complete 47 hours of driving however, not everyone will need this.
    • Your theory test – If you don’t pass within a year you will need to rebook and repay for this too.
    • Your practical test- you will need to pay for this again if you don’t pass first time (which not a lot of people do)
    • Car finance- If your under eighteen you won’t be able to get car finance however if you are this is the most popular way that people manage to get private practice. Sing somewhere like is an option.
    • A car that’s not on finance- If you can’t get finance or are under eighteen then you will need to purchase a car outright which can be a huge cost especially for someone who may still be in education.
    • Revision books– When taking your theory it’s a good idea to get some books, an app or a computer programme that includes practice tests.

Yes, it can be expensive but rushing into driving isn’t a good idea. You can try to take the cheap option but trying o complete your theory or practical test with the relevant practice could lead to failures and ultimately cost you more in the long run. Not only does more practice mean a more competent driver it also means there is less chance of crashing in your first year.

Some people really hate learning to drive, so try not to worry if this is you. It’s often built up so much by family and friends that you feel like you have to do it. You should only do it when you’re ready and try not to worry about failing, not everyone passes the first time anyway. Try to make sure you find an instructor that you click with as this can really east the process of learning.
Do you have any other advice for people learning to drive? Please share any tips in the comments section below.


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