Overcoming The Fear Of Learning To Drive

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Overcoming The Fear Of Learning To Drive
Overcoming The Fear Of Learning To Drive


While some cannot wait to start their driving lessons the moment they come of legal age, there are others who put this off for a range of valid reasons. Of course, one of them might be fear. It’s not uncommon for those who have witnessed a road accident or perhaps have a slightly nervous disposition to be worried about driving, and this is perfectly understandable. It might even take talking to a professional mental health therapist and working through those issues to help them feel comfortable with getting behind the wheel.

As vehicles are pure conveniences, sooner or later we may all wish to finally learn how to drive. Overcoming the fear of doing this, no matter if you have slight reservations or you’ve simply put off the process until now will all be promising means forward and will help you make the best decision to this end.

But how can you overcome the fears of learning to drive, especially if some are not fears but more a feeling that learning will not be worth it? We think we have some answers below.

Fear Of Car Acquisition/Maintenance

It can be quite worrying to purchase a vehicle for the first time. How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal instead of being ripped off, especially when you may know little about the interior setup of a vehicle? Never fear, thankfully finding a great car is as easy as using a reliable service such as Suttons UK to find and finance something you deserve to drive. Additionally, maintenance can be a quick and easy task provided you learn some basics such as how to change oil and check tire pressure. Additionally, utilizing the best mechanics near you can ensure that you gain a reliable service every time.

Fear Of Learning Slowly

We may sometimes fear that it’ll take us more time than others to learn how to drive. But remember, it’s not a race. It might take you three or four lessons to nail your three-point turn with a worthwhile instructor. That is perfectly fine. No reliable instructor will rush you, and they will not let you progress onto more complex movements until you have the safe and confident handling of the prior movement down. They will never berate you for learning slowly, so you should never fear it yourself. Safety is what matters, not speed. Learning this lesson now will suit you well through your entire experience on the roads.

Fear Of Highways

Highways can be a worrying place to drive, even for experienced learners. Sure, statistically you may even be safer on a highway due to its relatively simple rules, but the high-speed involved can seem a little daunting at first. This is where taking additional highway classes after passing your road test can be very important, to help you enjoy an additional level of training and exposure.

With this advice, you’re certain to overcome the unwarranted fear of learning to drive.


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