Making That Road Trip a Reality

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Some people are put off driving by being forever stuck in traffic. Of course, that is the risk you run when you are living and working in a city. But even then, many people dream about taking a big road trip around the country they live in or jet-setting off and exploring somewhere new. If you have a road trip in mind, then you should start taking steps towards making it a reality. Pick your perfect companion from OVMS, and off you go.

Making That Road Trip a Reality
Making That Road Trip a Reality

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Plan Well

So you probably know where you want to drive around, and how long you will need to have off work to make it possible. You’re going to have to plan it very finely. If you finish work on a Thursday evening, you would be well to consider traveling to your first location that evening.

This will help to maximize your time.


There is nothing worse than listening to the radio skip in and out because you can’t get a signal. The crackling can be annoying and distracting while you are trying to find another station. So before you leave to go anywhere, spend some time creating some playlists. You’ll want to have between 5-10 hours of music. Try to go for a mix of tempo and genre so that you have the perfect playlist for any backdrop. Just try to avoid listening to slow relaxing music in the evenings as combined with tiredness or your usual circadian rhythm – it might spell trouble.


If you are driving for a decent distance – across the country, for example, then you should plan in a few sleeping stops along the way. Or if you have a campervan too, check out free-docking and wild camping options. Driving with a friend or partner? Then you can take it in turns to drive while the other sleeps – but a good night’s rest is still going to be a must for you.


Try to pack as many dry snacks as you can. Nuts, dried fruits, and other easy to nibble stuff will keep your energy up between food stops. You can also prepare a range of sandwiches and flasks of soup if you have a stay in a hotel for your first evening.


You are going to be sitting in a car for a long time, and even after the cockpit drills are out the way and the vehicle is ready, you are still going to have to make sure that you, yourself, are dressed comfortably. This isn’t really the time to wear high heels or a tight belt. Think about trainers, loungewear and loose-fitting tops in case the heat kicks up and the AC goes out.

We all have a dream road trip in our mind, something that we want to do once in our lives, to see things on the way, to feel the freedom of nothing but wheels and skyline. So, start planning your perfect road trip today. Set a date and aim for it!








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